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Watery/clear semen

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    Watery/clear semen

    I have noticed in the past few months my semen has been watery and clear and my ejaculation volume is significantly lower. I usually have to wait 24-48 hours to get some volume but even then its not a lot and if I ejaculate more that once a day it is clear and watery. I had a semen analysis and everything was fine. Are there any other reasons why a semen analysis would show normal but my ejaculation characteristics may have changed? I do currently have fatty liver and was recently diagnosed with a multi-nodular goiter (thyroid-not sure if under or over active but over active I believe).

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    Hi Mariek1,

    When was the last time you had a semen analysis? I'm not a medical professional, so please double check everything I say with your physician(s). Your hormone balance plays a direct role in your sex drive and your semen/sperm production. If your hormones are out-of-whack because of your recently diagnosed goiter, that could have an effect on your ejaculate. Frequency plays a part as well. If you ejaculate more than once a day, each subsequent ejaculation may have less volume as there hasn't been sufficient time for your body to generate more. Your diet can play a part as can STIs. If these changes have occurred since your semen analysis, you may want to repeat it. Some variance is normal, but if this hasn't resolved itself or has been going on for awhile, you should reach out to your doctor to make sure the changes you're seeing aren't related to other health conditions.

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