Now, for those of you wondering why a woman ttc without a male partner made this chart, I was with my EX when I compiled this list. LOL

I did not get this list from anywhere. I read 14 books on how to increase fertility without drugs after my EX and I had a m/c when I was just starting my 13th week. No tragedy in my life to that point had prepared me for that emotional pain.

I was determined we would do everything in our power to possibly have a full-term pregnancy. I made the list by using the suggestions that showed up consistently in most or all of the 14 books. Unfortunately, our relationship did not survive the m/c, so I do not have the 'proof' that this made a difference.

I faithfully used the 'female' list and have conceived 6 times --- with two live births. I am 44.5 and in the 2ww. I also used acupuncture and TCM herbs, so I think those helped too.

(I did not figure out how to post the chart, so converted to text.)

Hope this help someone! GOOD LUCK!

Dana Single

  • MALE: Sperm-Improving Diet: (do for 120 days PRIOR to trying to conceive and continue until conception )
    • Eat lots of garlic and soya products
    • Vitamins and Minerals

Type Strength With Food? Frequency After Conception

L-Arginine 500 mg Yes 4 x day (not with meals) Stop after Conception

Vitamin C 1000 mg Yes 3 x day 2 x day after Conception

Vitamin E 400 IU (not with multi-Vit), but with food 2 x day (same time each day (with Selenium)
Multiple Vitamin include 10 mg of B12) Yes
1 x day
L-Carnitine 500 mg Yes Stop after ConceptionVitamin D 400 IU With Multi Stop after Conception
Beta Carotene 25000 IU Yes Flax Seed Oil 1 Tblsp. Yes
Selenium 200 mg With Vit E
Zinc 50 mg No
Multiple B Vitamin 50 mg Yes

(Liver cleanse: milk thistle 3 x day for two weeks then 150 mg a day)

  • Stop until successful conception:
    • Smoking (birth defects and/or miscarriages)
    • Limit Sugar and Caffeine (miscarriages)
    • Alcohol (fetal brain damage/miscarriages)
    • Environment: Avoid until successful conception:
1. Boron, mercury, lithium, cadmium, pestisides, industrial solvents

Hot Tubs or long hot baths
  • One Month Before Conception:
    • Have sex every two or three days
For Conception:

Guaifenesin 1 – 2 tsps/day four days to ovulation
  • Lie still for 30 minutes with raised hips after intercourse
  • Have a cool/cold 5 minute bath or shower one half hour before intercourse.
Have unprotected sex first thing in the morning every two days starting five days prior to ovulation and until three days after.
  • Use the Missionary position.
No lubricants or oral sex.