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real data vs Folklore

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    Nigel Tufnel
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    real data vs Folklore

    To all those with low morphology, I know people recommend herbs, vitamins, drugs, etc to improve numbers and occasionally people post success stories.

    While I am happy for those that got good results, I understand that these are anecdotal reports and are really kind of worthless.

    What I want are real quality medical studies where not only are counts improved by various things, but pregnancy rates are actually higher ( the only outcome measure I care about )

    I asked my RE about therapies to improve the Kruger Morphology ( I am 3-5 % ) and he said there really aren't any good trials showing that anything is effective when you only look at pregnancy rates

    I have read the pycngenol and proxeed studies
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    I'm not sure if this will be helpful to you or not...

    My DH has poor morph due to varicoceles. Our RE did not recommend any herbs, vitamins, or drugs, since varicoceles are a structural problem and there is no herb, vitamin or drug that will really help. Our options were to 1) keep trying on our own (not an option for us given our ages), 2) have surgery to correct the varicocele (by no means a guarantee of getting pg) or 3) IVF with ICSI. After 2 failed IUI's we opted for IVF/ICSI and got pg on our first attempt. If we had been younger, maybe we would have tried Proxseed or l-carnitine for awhile but time was of the essence for us. So while we picked the most expensive and "extreme" route it got us to our desired goal quickly.

    Sorry if I am rambling on...best of luck to you and your DW.

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