DH and I are TTC #3, and just had an SA done. The results were much lower than we expected, in fact, lower than ever before. He has always had borderline counts around 20-40 million with motility and/or morpholigy issues. To give a brief history, we have a 4yo DD conceived naturally and a 2 year old DS conceived with via natural IUI when DH's counts were around 40 million and borderline motility (can't remember the exact percentage). Since then, he has started using the Androderm patch (for low testosterone) and his most recent SA was around 9.5 million with 63% motility. Has anyone else seen a similar decrease in count and motility with the use of the Androderm patch. If so, how long until the effects reverse, if at all.

We are kind of at a loss as to where to go from here. Are IUI's out of the question with counts like this? Has anyone had luck with vitamins or herbal remedies to improve counts and motility. We have a consult with our RE soon, and I would like know what to discuss.

Thanks in advance!