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Hamster Egg Penetration Test

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    Hamster Egg Penetration Test

    Hi girls,

    My hubby and I have a little one that we conceived via IVF. I have endo and was treated for it, but still could not get preggo, so after we decided on IVF, my husband had to do a hamster test. He has lots of sperm and they move ok, but they were not able to penetrate a hamster's egg, so we were told IVF was our only option. I have produced a total of 6 eggs during my cycle. They were split in 2 groups: one with ICSI and one without. All 6 eggs fertilized and our doc said that the next time, he would bypass the ICSI, since my hubby's sperm needed no help, so my question to you is:

    Since my husband's sperm did so well, is it possible that the test results were
    not accurate due to some facts (we had to ship the sperm to Texas to be tested).

    Do you think we have a chance to conceive on our own or am I fooling myself?

    Any thoughts/experiences?

    Thank you so much!


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    I have a DS who was conceived naturally. We have been TTC#2 for over 2 years now & have had BFPs, but m/c (see sig). I did my first IVF in Oct/Nov. They recommended the hamster test just to make sure there were no fertilization issues - we couldn't make it in there for the test so we also did 1/2 ICSI, 1/2 non-ICSI. Our results were....

    20 eggs
    14 mature
    7 ICSI - 7 fertilized (3 made it to day 5 to transfer)
    7 non-ICSI - 7 fertilized (1 abnormal - the other 6 all arrested before day 5)

    So even though we don't have an issue with fertilization, next time my RE recommended doing all with ICSI - when the embryologist selected the best looking sperm, the embies seemed to do better. Cycle was still a BFN, but all the embies that made it to day 5 came from the ICSI set. It may be coincidence, but I don't want to spend all that money & take any chances -- next time I am doing all ICSI. Sperm can change from year to year & you could always get lucky - but unfortunately for us, somehow things changed for the worst - #1 was no sweat & #2 has been a hard go. I think we have been fertilizing on our own the months we tried naturally, they just weren't making it long enough to stick. If you are not in a big hurry to get PG again, try for 6 months or so & see what happens. If you do have to do IVF again, I would say still do ICSI, just in case. Good luck!

    me,34 DH,50
    DS, Mick 9
    Aiden, 16w3d Jan '06 (IUI #1-delivered early due to PPROM)
    early loss, May '06 (IUI#4)~IUI 2,3,5,6 & IVF#1=BFN
    IVF#2: 5dt of 3~BFP 7dp5dt~U/S 6w5d: 1 beautiful ~ NT u/s 1:2 odds of a chromosome abnormality due to cystic hygroma - but it's a healthy girl! Brianna Eileen born 39w1d-now 5 yrs old!

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