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Hi everyone-

Just a quick question. DH got his labs drawn about a month ago because his SA came back very poor (count and motility). Our fertility Dr discovered his testosterone level was over 1,000. He said normal was around 200. The high level is making his other 2 hormones (LH and FSH) low. I think that must have been a free testosterone rather than total. Anyway, DH saw a urologist on Fri and he basically said that there is nothing they can do to correct it. He said that correcting a low testosterone is fairly easy, but there is really nothing they can do for a high one. He wants to do a CT scan of his adrenal gland to make sure that it is normal size, but otherwise he did not give us much hope. He also did a male exam and did not feel anything unusual. Has anyone had any experience with this? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. I will also post this on the male factor board. Thanks in advance.