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Relationship between Morphology and Miscarriage?

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    Relationship between Morphology and Miscarriage?

    I was looking through the archives and noticed a few people saying their is some relationship between poor morphology and miscarriage?

    Is this true? My RE has never mentioned this before.

    I plan to do IVF/ICSI#1 in May and DH has 0% morphology. I've never had any losses before but was just reading about this.

    Thanks! Jann

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    Hi Jann,
    I have typed and retyped all over the placeto let you know that I have had the same concerns and have talked to RE and UR concerning m/c with low morphs...
    So let me see if I can connect the dots here, on what I have learned recently...
    Dot 1...M/c is often the result of genetic "mishaps" that occur during first few days of conception, this is what med community has thought forever...
    Dot Two: Low morphs...as told to us by UR..."do not have a bearing on the dna "payload" inside the sperm...that sperm is just the vessel.
    so, when doing the testing for the morphs in an S/A ppl (I assume he meant lay ppl) assume that there must be something wrong with what is inside...
    "Not true" is what UR told us...
    Dot three...is there a correlation between low morphs and m/c or defects?
    Conclusive evidence has shown, that there are no more children born through ivf/icsi that have genetic problems than children who were concieved naturally...the incidence is identical to population....
    Which brings me back around to dot 1...

    So at the end of the day...I am not sure if this answers your q or not...
    I would love to know if I have messed up on any of this from ladies who know better... who may have heard this from RE etc....

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