Anybody else read about or used Astragalus for motility?

Astragalus has been shown to significantly increase the motility of human sperm in vitro. (30) This may be of value in the treatment of male infertility where poor sperm motility is a suspected factor. Note that L-carnitine and zinc supplementation have demonstrated similar capabilities (see details in compendium under their individual headings).

Decreased Sperm Motility Causing Infertility - dosage not established, however taking up to 500 mg, three times daily is considered to be safe.

I'm not completely sure what this part means but the part "in vitro" leads me to believe the Astragalus was used directly on the sperm??? Anyone else understand?

In an attempt to identify Chinese medicinal herbs that might improve human sperm motility in vitro, we screened water extracts of 18 herbs with a trans-membrane migration method which measured the percentage of sperm that moved across the 5 micron pores of a Nucleopore membrane from a semen-drug mixture into phosphate buffered saline during 2 hours incubation. Astragalus membranaceus was the only herb that showed a significant stimulatory effect. At 10 mg/ml, it increased the motility of sperm in semen to 146.6 +/- 22.6% of control. It also increased the motility of washed sperm to 138.2 +/- 13.8% of control. Purification of the active component(s) from this herb as well as its application in assisted reproduction technology await further investigation.