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Vasectomy Reversal failure??

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    Question Vasectomy Reversal failure??

    I am 35 , my dh 48 and
    had a vasectomy 11 years ago , in aug 05 we went through a reversal. He had sperm parts on one side which was promising at the time. 2.5 months after surgery we had a SA that came back zero sperm.

    We were told that this would improve within weeks, but my dh does not want to retest again. Its been 5.5 months since the surgery and we have not tested again so I dont know if anything worked. I think my dh is afraid to take the test and get another zero count having to declare the surgery a failure.

    Is there anyone out there started out with a zero count that improved later on? I welcome any advice others my have after going through the reversal.


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    We had something similar. Not exactly but I know any advice helps when you get none. My dh had a congenital block in the same place that vasectomies are done. SO in a sense he had a vasectomy reversal except he did not have a vasectomy he was blocked at birth. We did it in october and his count was 50,000mil/ml six weeks after. A month later he had it checked again and it was six mil/ml. It has continued to go up. But what our doctor did was put him on celebrex which helped with the swelling of the tubes. If the tubes they reversed are swelling it can cause a blockage and him to have a zero count. Talk to your doc about putting him on that. I hope the info I had helped. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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    we had one in april 03. 3 months after he was at 12 million and 26% motilty. Well we put him on some viamins and after 7 months he was at 52 million and 76% motility! GREAT RIGHT?!?!?!?! Well we tried everything to discover that i had blocked tubes and endo. Removed the endo and unblocked one tube. Then lapo 11 months later to unblock the other tube and to our surprise the doc got it unblocked.(first doc could not). Well we kept trying with clomid for 7 months then we chose to do injectables since they were covered by insurance. Did that had a perfect cycle and still BFN. Went to start IVF and the day that we went to start it we were told through testing that dh had NO SPERM! NO DEAD~NO ALIVE ~~ NONE AT ALL! I was like oMG this is the worse day of my life we are done this is over. Well we are now doing sperm aspiration (going in with needle to pull sperm out of testes) ANyway the reversal built up scar tissue and now its like we never had it done. However i in the mean time got new insurance at work that has 10K in infertility coverage not counting meds. So we are well on our way and it all worked out. i told DH well you wont have to get it done again. LOL... We will get preggo this way and then we on our way. Hang inthere and know there are otpions out there for you.
    Jennifer S.

    Happily married to Johnny since 7/21/01. Step-mom to Austin and Sierra. Mommy to fur baby Tanner since 12/4/01. TTC #1 after DH vasectomy reversal in April 2003...

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    My DH had his reversal May 05. His first semen analysis showed 10 million sperm 3% mobility. His doctor said that the numers could change only in a years time.

    He had another semen analysis in Feb of this year, and nothing has improved or worsen.

    I am so sorry to hear about your story. It is so frustration when it does not happen normally, and it cost a lot of money.

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