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Vent & Question?

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    Vent & Question?

    Hello! I hope everyone is doing well. I love to drop in and read everyones post. This time I have a question.

    Dh and I have been ttc for over 2 years now with no success. We have went through one IUI and one IVF. I know that isn't nearly as much as some have went through but sometimes I wonder when is enough? So I guess my question to you all have you set a limit on what you will do and when to give up?

    My vent is that dh won't talk about IF anymore. Actually he never really has. But since the failed IVF cycle dh won't even consider another cycle or anymore tests! I truely think he is scared about trying it again and getting our hearts broken once again. I am scared of that too but I am not ready to just throw in the towel so to speak. We have a male factor IF and I think he is taking it harder than he is letting on. I found a new test to try to see if there is fragmentation in the sperm. I have read that if more than 30% of the sperm has fragmentation in it then he will never father a child. I brought it up to him and now he is refusing to take the test! I am just fed up and don't know where to turn. Don't get me wrong dh is a wonderful man!!!

    I want to try and persue adoption BUT he won't think about that. He said that he would consider donor but I am really leary on that. I guess if I read more and understood that I could go that route. Just not ready yet.

    Any and all help would be wonderful!!

    Thanks in advance!

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    I hear your vent-

    I think its a personal decision. Probably one that is decided when you get there you know it?? I never could give up.. We have mf issues as well and its hard( IF is hard no matter the dx), and hard if your not on the same page. Oppossite of you I was willing to explore ds but dh was not. Adoption seemed a long process as well and $ like IVF I wasnt able to go that route yet at the time.Theres so many choices and decisions and what ifs?? in all this process it really sucks! to put it mildly...

    So we did ivf w/ icsi did you have icsi? did you have any left over?

    I wish you the very best in what ever road you take,


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