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Is this possible?????

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    Question Is this possible?????

    Hi there, I was just wondering of i could have a guy's opinion about this. My DH first sperm test was 6 mths ago, it was not a whopping count but Dr said it was not to worry about (23.3 million/ml ; motility 35% active forward progression and 19 million in teh swim up wash. AFter a couple of months of trying with no Preg (there is female factor too) he put him on a regime of folic acid and Pregnyl to boost his counts. We retested this week and gues what - his counts went down to 5.4 million/ml and motility was 10%! We were both in shock withthe results, how can this be. My dr suggested to retest after next week( as today is my trigger day) and go see him as soon as results are out. I have searched on sites re pregnyl but there is no mention of paradoxial effects. My husband is also on Zinc supplements. He was in hospital in he last 2 weeks due to renal colic and was given strong injectible and oral pain killers could these possibly have had an effect???
    We are both so confused and disheartened..any ideas on what could have contributed to such a dramtic reducationin sperm count???



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    Hi Zizzie

    My DH has a below average sperm count and some motility issues and is on several different supplements including Zinc.

    Years ago when we did one of our AI DH had been on antibiotics for the flu and they reduced his counts dramatically. Also sperm can be affected by many different things including stress. Talk with your DH's Dr and see if any of the meds he was on could have interferred with his counts, maybe even take another SA in a month or two. If the count doesn't improve I would seek the help of a naturopath, health food store to see what other vitamins & supplements they can recommend for your DH. With the aid of vitamins, herbs etc, my DH has got me pregnant 3 times in 4 months - none have progressed but the sperm still fertilized my eggs - we also have female factor.

    Good luck Zizzie and thanks for your kind words to me on the BBT, HPT etc threads.


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