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dh's SA results...need advice

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    Question dh's SA results...need advice

    I have copy of dh's SA for the urologist he has to see on May 9th.

    Semen color....normal
    spec volume...3.5ml
    liquefaction....30 min
    viscosity normal
    sperm morph...head defects ( amorphouse, giant, pinheads)
    sperm m/100....66 out of a possible 50%
    sperm cnt 44 mil/ml

    From reading all this the only problem I see is the head defects. Dh did have his appendix removed the month before this test was performed so I don't know if that is a factor or not. He's in the army and smokes like a chimmey..he needs to quit asap. In the meantime, is there anything that can help improve the head defects or is this something he's stuck with?

    Tyakeia & Jeremy

    female factors: depression
    uterine neoplasm, benign-leiomyoma (fibroids)
    male factors: sperm morph
    ttc since Apr. 03
    m/c: one (mar. 03)
    completed first SA 3/31/05
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    Smoking can cause problems with sperm so quitting smoking would be the best step in getting the morphology back in line. I'd also be suspicious of the surgery as well. It takes 3 months between any kind of trauma to sperm-making process to get a healthy batch so your dh's SA was only within 30 days. I would be curious to have it tested again in 3 more months to make sure any effects of the surgery can be discounted. Be sure to discuss both these points with his urologist. Good luck with your appt.

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    In talking about morphology you must find out what the numbers are, are they WHO numbers? If so they don't mean much, if your talking morphology you need a strict morphology, and anything below 5% is not good. My number had gone up to 100million with good movement, etc all that stuff with WHO numbers, but the kruger strick morphology never moved over 3%. Strict keep in mind is the % of pefect sperm and is hard to test for accurately as two labes could be a few %s apart, its kinda ballparked under a microscope.

    Some Dr.'s disagree, I was going to a Dr. in Houston, very well know has comments in all the mens health mags etc. He did not feel the low stric meant an IUI would not work but did admit the %s were lowered, even said naturally was possible. Well 6 IUIs none worked. He also did not feel my blood pressure medications had anything to do with it, was not concerned at all.

    Now we went to another Dr. for my wife and he was dead set that if my Strict morphology had not improved that we needed to proceed to IVF. He also was of the opinion that the high blood pressure meds were the cause, I just don't think there is a enough information here, not enough research. He tried two IUIs before we went to a successful IVF with ICSI.

    So I for one beleive morphology is key, but not just WHO numbers, strict kruger % needs to be considered.


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