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Can I share my Dh's SA results?

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    Can I share my Dh's SA results?

    It's been a long time since we've done this, and I swear, there are a ton of different things they test for now.

    In a nutshell, after a surgery for each of us, our next step was IVF w/ICSI, so we turned to adoption for our family. Now that we have two sweeties, we would like one "homegrown". We are thinking IUI with donor sperm. But, it's been forever since we had an SA done. Like, at least six years. We are not sure where the results are for the previous tests, either, so we did a new one, just to see where we stand. Does anyone mind if I share them here, for possible feedback? I know they are not pretty, but would like to know exactly what we are looking at.
    Thanks in advance for any advice/tips

    Volume 1.1 mL (says 1.3-6.1mL is normal)
    Concentration 10 million/mL (says normal is 20-200 million/mL)
    Total count 11 million (normal 75-650 million)
    motility 25% @ 20 minutes (normal is 40-80%)
    speed 2 (normal 3 or above)
    Fwd. Progression 2 (normal 3 or above)
    Viscosity 4 (normal 3 or above - gee, we got one thing right)
    Color normal
    Agglutination moderate (normal is none/low)
    Type random (the second good thing)
    pH 8.2 (normal 7.6-8.4)
    Round (WBC) Cells 7-9 per mL (normal is 0-5 per mL)
    Aggregates none ( another good thing )

    Now, it also says "Live/Dead Stain - 0% alive" And I'm not sure what that is.

    For Morphology it says
    Oval (normal) - 40% (normal should be >50%)
    Total head defects - 40% (normal 0-30%)
    Tail defects - 20% (normal 0-20%)

    Detailed Head Morphology (And I really don't know what this stuff means)
    Amorphous 27%
    Multiple heads 1%
    Cytoplasmic droplet 2%
    Tapered head 2%
    Pyriform head 3%
    Large head 4%
    Small head 1%

    Non-tailed sperm
    Sab 9%
    Scd 6%
    other 0%
    Total 15% (Normal 0-8%)

    WBC/100 Sperm
    Mono 0
    Lymph 3
    PMN 2
    Total 5 (0-8 is normal)

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    Hi. I am pretty certain you may get more mis-information than real facts from the SA results here over a doctor you both trust.

    One question I had was why wouldn't you try IVF with ICSI for the third?


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