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Sperm DNA Fragmentation

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    Question Sperm DNA Fragmentation

    Me and dh have done two fresh ICSI cycles with no luck. My husband has blockages on both sides. The only sperm we can use are the ones from TESE. His urologist told him that he also has a moderate sized varicocele. Does anyone know if this Sperm DNA fragmentation can be performed on TESE sperm. His varicocele could be overheating his sperm. Any one who has knowledge on this or has any ideas for us, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kris
    Kris (35) DH (39) dx: male factor
    IVF #3 and #4 successful.

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    Hi -

    I'm not sure whether they can use the TESE sperm for fragmentation testing or not, but you can contact the lab that does this testing at www.scsadiagnostics.com to ask. It's my understanding that this is the only lab in the country that does this test so every sample has to be shipped to them.

    Also, you can ask questions regarding this test directly to Dr. Evenson (the guy who developed the test and owns SCSA Diagnostics) at www..org. Go into the "forums" section and then the message board for male infertility. He moderates it with a urologist and he's been very responsive to questions I've posted in the past.

    Good luck - hopefully doing TESE will solve your problem.

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