We've had 4 IVF/ICSI. From our 1st have a ds. However the 3 following (ones that weren't cancelled) IVF/ICSI, using DE, the out come was very poor. Low fertilization, fragmentation, etc.

The only tests our clinic does is, S/A & SCSA. S/A + slow motility - SCSA was "Good fertility Potential". The last S/A was in 03; our last IVF was 3 weeks ago, which failed. The clinic wants to go directly to DS.

With poor fertility, using proven DE, just seems like we should be doing more with DH sperm. Should we see a urologist? I would think if this is necessary, our clinic would have said so.

Any other test we should be looking at? No one has mentioned Clomid, or anything else??? It seems our clinic thinks ICSI will take care of the sperm issues based on their 2 tests?

Any input helpful.