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Anyone have a slow down

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    Anyone have a slow down

    on Movement?? I have really noticed it and it is freaking me out. I feel little nudges here and there but even with most of them i have to manipulate my stomach to feel them. I know the baby is getting bigger but you would think i would feel more then i am. I had a non stress test on Tuesday and the babys heart beat seemed fine. But they do like to see it fluctuate more and they had to move my stomach around to get the baby riled up. Anyone else movements slow down alot from before. Do you think i should call the doctor or wait until next wednesday for my next stress test?
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    I too have noticed a BIG slow down this week! I'm finding myself through the day thinking, I haven't felt the baby lately! So I will sit down or lay down to make sure he's doing okay. I don't like that either! It's making me a little concerned too! I had the this problem with my first ds and I'm trying to rest in the fact that he's big and there just itsn't a lot of room in there!
    If it's really concerning you, call your dr. You have every right to make sure you are both doing okay.


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    I have also noticed a slow down but more during the day. At night baby is still as active as ever but I am a few weeks behind you guys.

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    The baby is just getting too big to move around a lot in there. Most women see a significant slowdown at about 34 weeks. Your fluid also begins to diminish at this point as well which causes a decrease in movement.

    Do your kick counts. I think it's like 10 movements in 2 hours....as soon as you get to 10, baby is fine. But always, always, always call your doctor if you even have a "gut" feeling something isn't right!

    Hope this helps!

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    The nurse told me 10 kicks in one hour...I too noticed a slow down and just rented a babybeat monitor so I can check her heartbeat when I want..I figure, I have 6 more weeks, so it's worth the 2 month charge I'll be charged for my piece of mind!

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    Same here. I have noticed more squirming and hiccups though. Poor thing is just trying to find a comfortable position.

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    I'm glad you posted this because I've noticed it BIG TIME lately. It totally depresses me when I can barely feel her...
    My Dr said try for three counts of three in a day so you don't have to sit there for so long. She said when you start to feel movement like the baby is awake, try and get three counts. Do this three times a day and rest assured all is well. I've found that drinking ice cold water usually wakes my little one up.
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