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Okay,,, I am really grossed out and paranoid

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    Okay,,, I am really grossed out and paranoid

    Uggggg! I had to go to Walmart today to get my prescription refilled for my insulin and I thought I would check my blood pressure there at that machine while i waited. Well, I stuck my arm in and it didnt feel like it was in right so i pulled it out and it was COVERED IN BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT MY BLOOD! Someone had bleed in there or something! I had on a shortsleeve shirt and I grabbed some papertowels that were sitting on the counter of the pharmacy and wiped my arm off. Then i got my prescription and went to the bathroom and SCUBBED it with soap. I told the lady that worked in the pharmacy and she was NOT concerned. By the time she GOT a clue someone else was getting thier blood pressure taken. They still never did anything about it. I told the lady that was doing her pressure about it but she said. "oh thats okay I have a long sleeve shirt on" YIKES! OMGOSH!!!!! ALL i need is a someones blood disease! I got enough issues!!!!! Okay, i dont know if I am being paranoid or not. I actually thought about calling my ob but what the heck would she do? I know that the odds of my getting anything are pretty small but YUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am freaking!!!!
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    OMG!!!! That is totally disgusting!!! I would have completely freaked and gone straight to the manager. Totally unbelievable especially in this day and age. I would say your okay as long as you don't have any open wounds on your arm. But I would still call your PCP or OB if you are still uncomfortable and concerned. I hope all is well.

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    I would have absolutely FREAKED out! I also would have bought a disposible camera and taken pictures....that is SO TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! I would have gone bat $**t on them....postal....whatever you want to call it.

    I would absolutely talk to the manager....but honestly, if you don't have proof, they won't care.

    How totally irresponsible! Errrrrr!

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    I would guess this probably happened because some one who had just come from having their blood drawn, got an rx, went to pharmacy and then did the bp machine while waiting.......opened up the puncture site and bled. Either way it's yuck yuck yuck. But I just wanted say that it probably wasn't from some hideous infected wound. Often time in the hospital if we take a bp on an arm that's recently had blood drawn from it, it will cause the puncture site to bleed. Jeesh though, one would hope the bleeding person would have alerted the store to clean it up!! Very thoughtless of them. I'm sorry this happened to you. Take care.
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    HOW AWFUL!!!! I'm so sorry! I too think you are okay, but that's a terrible thing to go through! I don't think I will use one of those again!


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    That is really disgusting. I am so sorry that happened to you.

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