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My ultrasound update........

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    My ultrasound update........

    Well, I had my u/s and the tech said the baby looked good. She said all looks fine, We got to see our lil one opens its mouth and it was sooo cute. We did good and stuck to NOT finding out the sex. WOOHOO.
    Anyway,, the babys estimated weight is 3lb15 ounces. ALMOST FOUR POUNDSSSSSSSS!!! She said that it is NOT that much bigger then expected and it falls in the 57 percentile. She said that at this point you cant even say if the GD has anything to do with it cause it is so close and still falls into the norm.
    The baby measures exactly what my due date is though. One thing i dont get is the tech asked me when i saw the doctor again next and i told her not for another three weeks and she said okay good. Does that mean there is something wrong,, why would she ask me that? She told me that the baby looked okay?? okay,, maybe i am being paranoid. I dont know. Anywho, i find out tomarrow IF i will need to go on insulin.. Im scared!
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    Oh Missy,

    I dont know what to say to you as you know I have no knowledge of what you are dealing with. But I want to say that I am there with you. You are not alone. We are all pulling for you. You definitely need a break. You are doing brilliantly.

    Love Grainne
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    Hi there I am sneaking over here from the May DD boards, but wanted to reassure you that I've been asked that before too, and I think its because the closer you get to your DD, they want to make sure you are seen more frequently and not still on the once a month schedule. If there were A N Y T H I N G wrong, I am sure you would've been notified of it ASAP, either there at the visit or extremely shortly thereafter. They wouldn't think it was "good" to wait 3 whole weeks if there was even the possibility of something wrong.

    Anyway, glad to hear you got see a cute piccie of your baby! I really miss being pampered with all those U/S I got in the first trimester.
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    Echoing Ravenly...they would definitely tell you if they feared something was wrong. They all do these days for lawsuit reasons. So I wouldn't worry at all. Like Ravenly said, they just wanted to make sure your doc was seeing you the # of times per month that's recommended for your stage, particularly since you're a high risk patient with heart and other issues.

    We're almost there!

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    I'm so glad to hear your u/s went good and that you stuck by not knowing the sex! Way to go girl! I'm also sure everything is fine! With all my other pgs, the tech would tell me if the baby looked okay, but not with this baby. The tech said she wasn't able to say anything. At that point, I knew something wasn't right! Anyways...your lil one sounds like he/she is doing great!
    Please let us know how your appt. goes today! I'm praying for you and the baby!


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    Hi Missy - It sounds like a good U/S. You're doing great. I'll be thinking about you tomarrow. Let us know how it goes.

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