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How about an update!!!!!!!

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    How about an update!!!!!!!

    Hello, hello, hello!!!!
    Hope everyone is doing well! Today marks 30 weeks for me!!!!!!! YEEHAWWW! 7-8 more to go. (I will have a scheduled c-section)

    Anyone feel like there are times that you dont feel like you are getting bigger? I feel that way right now. I feel just the same as I did weeks ago. Dh says otherwise, but i dont feel as if i have grown too much. Also baby is not moving as much. The movements are different i guess. Not so much the moving all over the place movements but just thumps and nudges here and there.
    My gestational diebetes.. Well, that is going okay i suppose.. I am managing so far to keep my blood sugar within range. Well, sometimes it is high in the morning but she told me it is harder to regulate in the morning. The other day it was high all day but I was throwing up. (pregnancy related)
    I called the insurance company before I went to pick up my test strips and stuff and they told me that they covered it 100 percent.. The monitor i got from the hospital. SO i go pick up the test strips and stuff and they say, "that will be 126 dollars" HUH! Well apparently you have to buy the stuff and then send in the reciepts and stuff and they reimburse you. Havent had to do this with ANYTHING before. And those test strips,, SHEESH,, they dont last long,, it is already almost time for me to go get some more and I havent even got reimbursed the money for the first ones. Those are what cost so much.
    Anyway, I got an appt on the 4th of April with the cardiologist.. I MADE IT, they dont seem real concerned even with my chest pain!
    And then my OB appt is on April 7th,, and THEN i have another follow up with the dietician on the 8th!!
    I am hanging in there and will be SO glad when this baby is born. My nerves are a wreck!
    My prayers are going out to those suffering from preterm labor that you will keep those babies in a lil while longer!
    HUGE hugs!
    Mommy to Kaelyn 11/22/2002--My little sweetie!
    My Wild mamma!--Carlee Grace 05/31/05

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    Missy you sound like you are doing great. You seem to have your arms around you blood sugar and heart issues and are being so strong and positive! I am very proud of you.

    I spent 4 hours of Easter Sunday in Labor and Delivery. I have been on bed rest for almost three weeks now, have been feeling really good and have not had any PTL contractions. Yesterday a woke up with a burning pain in my pelvic area, it did not burn when I peed it just felt like a burning feeling inside. At 12:00 DH took me to L&D (after our PTL episode we are a bit scared). They hooked me up to a contraction monitor and put the twins on the heart rate monitors to perform stress tests on them. The twins were perfect and I was not having any contractions. They did a pelvic and though my cervix is still short at about 2 cm, I am still completely closed. This was all excellent news. They did a test strip on my urine and it showed no sign of infection so they have sent it off for a culture (results in a few days). They then put a cathater up me (ouch) for a very clean catch and there appears to be a bit of blood in my urine. I have IC (Interstitial Cystitis) so they think that is probably what was causing the burning and the blood but suggest I make an appointment at a urologist to have it checked out. I am feeling much better today and the burning seems to have gone away.

    My DH and Father painted the girls nursery pink and my Mom is here today hanging the curtins/pictures and putting on the crib bedding. I feel so helpless!!!!!! I really wanted to do all the set up for the nursery but I am stuck in bed. At least I was smart to shop early and had everything bought already. I am very lucky to have such a great family to help out.

    My parents, sister, niece and a family friend are all taking turns being here to take care of my DS while DH is at work.

    I will be 30 weeks on Wednesday and am hoping to make it atleast 4 more weeks.

    Kind Regards,

    ME 43 DH 40, 7-02 (Domestic Adoption), 4-05 (DE #1, IVF #5),
    (M/C, Ectopic Pregnancy, Failed Adoption)

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    Hope you all had a lovely Easter.

    I will be 28 weeks tomorrow. For the most part I am feeling fabulous. I have my moments where I can get cranky from either heartburn, backache, constipation, restless leg syndrome or this horrible wrist pain that I have. Or sometimes, I can get all off these things together and I get sooooooooooooooooo grumpy.

    This week, we bought our stroller. I have been giggling since, that we actually own such a thing. Us!!! We both keep walking into this room in our house that is full of baby things. Like to somehow feel how real this is. I can stay in there forever just touching these tiny things. Refolding the clothes again and again.

    Dh and I went to a party on Sat night and everytime he introduced me to colleagues of his (he works in the movie business, so he is always working with new people) he'd say "this is my wife Grainne" and he'd rub my belly and say "this is our baby". So cute. I was swooning.

    I feel like I have really popped now this week. I feel so proud of by bump.

    I too hope am praying for those of you with PTL. That you and your babies will be able to hang on in there for as long as possible.

    Love Grainne
    Last edited by grainne; 03-28-2005 at 12:28 PM.
    Me 46, TCC # 1 for 7 years.
    1st DE IVF 10/01/04 BFP,
    1st Beta 10/13/04 278, 2nd Beta 10/15/04 947

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    Happy Monday!

    Missy~ You do sound so much more positive and it seems like things are under control for you! I too am proud of you! You made it to 30 weeks!

    Bebe~ I'm so glad to hear it wasn't PTL again and I'm praying for you and the girls! It sounds like you have a wonderful family taking care of you!

    Grainne~ I love to hear you talk about your baby! I'm so excited to have a part in this special time for you!

    Everything is going okay here. I'm trying to stay positive and enjoy this pg as much as I can! I do so want it to be over, but I'm closer now at 29 weeks. We are trying to get ready for the baby, as we really don't know when the baby will come? If everything stays as it is, I should make it the whole time, but I don't want to count on it. I would feel awful if I were in the hospital and not ready to take the baby home!
    I'm already pretty uncomfortable and was telling dh last night that I felt like I was 9 mos pg. He laughed and said I wasn't young anymore! I thought hey...I'm only 28 (for one more week) and that's not old! But I can't deny my aches and pains! What's it going to be like in 8 weeks!

    I too am praying for all you going through PTL! May those babies stay right where they are a little longer!


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    Isn't it amazing how we are so alike, yet so different!

    I'm officially 27 weeks this week.

    I had my OB visit (FINALLY) today! As my OB began scolding me for not seeing her since Feb 8, I got phy. sick...I excused myself and went to the RR and threw up!! During that time she learned from the nurse why I hadn't been in the past 3 weeks like I was supposed to! My foot, which is actually broken, my ds's flu for a week, then my foot again! She then became very concerned about my throwing up still...I told her it happened 1/2x a week...she wants me to have my GGT test this week ( I was going to have it next week) so that I could have some other blood tests run at the same time....She wants to check my thyroid, pancreas, and something else to be sure they are working correctly and not causing my throwing up...

    Everything else went well! The cutest thing happened...when the nurse put the baby heart beat monitor on my belly Tori immediately kicked it off! Then, she continued to kick at it everytime the nurse moved the microphone! Baby Tori did not want that thing on her!! It made the strangest sound too!!

    I'm on the 2 week schedule now which is so weird! It's amazing how slow it seems at first, then so fast!

    I too feel totally helpless, with my foot broken, there is not much I can do. My house is a mess, baby Tori's room is no where even near ready and there is not one thing I can do about it!

    As far as weight gain goes...I finally asked what my total was...8 lbs so far...okay, before anyone FREAKS out...I was/am, very overweight to begin with so from the get/go, my OB said she only wanted my to gain 10 lbs total...not sure if I'll make it to just 10, but hopefully I won't be much more than that! Here's a clue as to how "big" I was prior to getting preg. I weighed more than I did before I got preg, than at my heaviest with ds...and I gained 25 lbs with him!!

    Also, I just broke it to ds that he's going to take a siblings class and they will be practicing on baby dolls!! He was very reluctant but finally said..OK...like he had a choice!!

    Looking forward to hearing from the rest of the "gang"!!

    Last edited by lisafost; 03-28-2005 at 02:16 PM.

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    Hi Ladies - I'm doing ok, feeling great physically, but emotional - I'm having a hard time. I don't know if it's hormones or what. I'm getting anxious about the baby getting here, and his room is not near ready. Daddy doesn't seem to realise how close my due date is and would rather fish then work on his room. He's usually so good to me, but lately he seems kind of different too. I don't know.. maybe it's stress. All I know is I'm ready for a turn around. I think part of it for me is the GD. If you read my post to Missy you know I have not gotten any kind of support or information from my OB yet. I don't even see a dietician unitl 4/15. Of course I got online and read all kinds of stuff about still birth and other problems and have scared myself to death. So, I'm worring a lot too. Well, sorry for the venting.. I needed it. Thanks for listening. Hopefully next weeks update will be better for me.

    Age 27, DH 27
    Cycle 6 -IVF BFP!!!! EDD 6/23
    Nathan James
    Born 5/31/05
    6lbs 10oz 19in

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    Hi ladies,

    It's good to hear that everyone is doing well this week. I am getting over the worst week of my pregnancy and have been REALLY GRUMPY!!! I had the stomach flu last weekend and started having Braxton Hicks contraction from all the throwing up I was doing. It gets worse. I was totally dehydrated and had to drink 2 bottles of Pedialite to get rehydrated YUCK!!! Oh if only it ended there. I was so run down and weak I ended up with the Croup and couldn't sleep at night because of the coughing. To add insult to injury I pulled a stomach muscle in my side from the throwing up and coughing. Then I ended up with stinky hemorrhoids!!!!

    But I am feeling much better today and looking forward to enjoying what's left of my pregnancy. I am due exactly 8 weeks from today!!! I still can't believe it.

    ME-31/ DH-30
    Furbaby- Lulu 6
    born 5/28/05

    3 grueling years of IVF for a beautiful bundle of joy!!!

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    I had an ultrasound with the perineotologist this morning to check the position of the placenta and the baby's weight.

    Well, the baby weighs 3 pounds 6 ounces and the placenta has moved away from the cervix. So, it's all clear for a vaginal birth.

    I'm 30 weeks 2 days today and feel very good and ready to have this baby.

    During the ultrasound the tech moved the monitor away from us in case we could read the image. We told her in advance that we didn't want to know the sex of the baby.

    Best of luck to everyone else.
    shopgirl (39)
    6 yr Daughter (IVF) 4th attempt
    3 yr Son (DIUI) 1st attempt
    Trying for #3 (got the Donor Egg speech)

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    Hi Ladies,

    WOW....so much going on with everyone!!! Great updates....I love to know what's going on with y'all.

    Sue....hang in there....the grumpiness will pass.

    Mel....I agree, it is going WAY TOO FAST!!!

    Erin....remember to breathe...I know this gets so stressful at times, but your baby needs you to try to stay calm. things will get better soon!

    Lisa....you poor thing...STILL barfing??? Hopefully they can do something to help you! Take care of that foot too!

    Michelle...I am praying for you and your little boy all the time!!

    Grainne...what a beautiful vision I have of you and your husband.

    bebe...hang in there honey! We're all praying for at least 4 more weeks!!!

    missy...I TOTALLY know what you mean....I don't feel like I'm getting any bigger either. Rest assured, that little one is in there growing like a weed!

    Arden....3 pounds 6 oz....wow...you have a big kid in there!!!

    As for me....

    I'm doing well. Not sleeping so well though this week and can't eat much cuz of the overly full feeling I get. Ryan's furniture arrived on Friday and we are just about done painting the nursery. A few more stencils and then just the wall shelves and decorations. I am really getting excited.

    I see the doctor tomorrow. My fluid took a pretty big drop last week....but fluid usually does that around 30 weeks. If it keeps dropping, we'll have to have BPP's every week to monitor Ryan. We'll see what the doc has to say.

    Ok...tootles for now.

    me 36 DH 33
    m/c 12-7-01
    m/c 3-22-02
    DD Grace 5/9/03
    m/c 3-22-04 :angel
    DS Ryan 5/12/05

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