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Birthing Classes

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    Question Birthing Classes

    When are you taking your birthing class? We are going to do a weekend - all day Sat and Sun, instead of 6 evenings. The next avalible is April 16th and 17th (I'll be 30 weeks) and May 21st and 22nd (I'll be 35 weeks). The May dates are better for us, but I'm afraid I'll be cutting it close. What do you think? And what about breathing classes? I want an epidural.. will I need them?

    Thanks for the input!
    Age 27, DH 27
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    Nathan James
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    I would go to the April classes. I'm not trying to scare you, but you just never know when a baby might make their presence!
    As far as breathing goes, are they not doing that during your birthing classes?? If not, I would recommend them, because again you just don't know how it will go. Your baby may decide to come fast, and you won't be able to have one. This happened to me with my ds! I was hoping to go drug free, but I cave easily. With him coming so fast, two hrs. start to finish, they didn't have time. My OB even didn't make it to the hospital! I did have a wonderful nurse deliver my ds!
    We are not taking a birthing class...I think they would laugh at us! I do like to freshen up though, and practice with dh. Mainly for him, so he remembers to rub and pamper me!
    a birthing class, I rthink, is so important the first time around! It helps to prepare you and comfort fears you might have. It's also a great time with dh!
    Are you thinking of attending a breastfeeding class? I also found this to be a great first time around class. It really helped me and prepared me for breastfeeding. It also gave me a connection to a lactation nurse who I could call and ask questions to later. When I had my 4 yr. old dd, she was very tiny and had latching on issues. I was able to take some one on one classes to teach us both how to get through her early weeks. I did all this through my hospital.

    Good luck and have fun!

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    Every time I think of Birthing classes I laugh my tail off. I will tell you why. We went to them when i was pg with Kaelyn and during the breathing exercises I just could NOT get it right. LOL
    Every one was practicing their breathing and had thier heads on their dh chests or where ever and the lady was walking around listening to everyone. First of all i felt like a goof! Secondly i was doing it wrong!!! LOL I was breathing backwards. Instead of the huh huh who... I was going who who huh. ... HE HE!! The lady said, you are doing a great job just backwards. DH was laughing so hard!!!
    Anyway, I ended up having a cesarian cause my lil sweetie was footling breach. That said, I think they are helpful to go to. Minus the embarrassment of breathing backwards.
    I agree that you should go in April. Like Michelle said,, you never know when you lil one will make an appearance!
    I unfortunatly wont need to go this time cause we have to have a scheduled c-section again. BOOHOO!
    Anyway, good luck and have FUN with it!
    Mommy to Kaelyn 11/22/2002--My little sweetie!
    My Wild mamma!--Carlee Grace 05/31/05

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    My class is actually schedule to start next week. I thought about getting it done in April but this is when they could fit me in. I agree, you should go in April, it's will be safer that way in case you go early.
    Kim (dx PCOS) - 31/DH - 34
    06/05 02/07 04/04

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    I agree with Michelle...I too would try to go to the April classes. I had Olivia in July and my lamaze class was the end of April. We just did a weekend thing as well. I am kind of glad I didn't waste my time doing the 6 wk thing b/c I honestly never even used any of the breathing techniques they showed me. However, everyone is different and every labor is different so I might need them this time around. With that being said I hope I remember them as I am not attending any kind of lamaze classses this time around. Hopefully the nurses can talk me through it!
    As far as the breathing goes they covered all of that in my 1 day lamaze class. I would think that it would be the same for you. I didn't have an epidural with Liv but I would assume it would still be nice to know all the breathing techniques regardless if you are having an epidural or not. Good luck and have fun!!
    Jen 36 dh 40
    #1 dd 7/17/02
    My precious little girl!!
    #2 dd 6/10/05
    My other precious little girl!!

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    We have decided to not take the birthing classes at all. All my friends and my Sister said they were a waste of time.

    ME 43 DH 40, 7-02 (Domestic Adoption), 4-05 (DE #1, IVF #5),
    (M/C, Ectopic Pregnancy, Failed Adoption)

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    We are scheduled to begin in April. I wanted to get them completed in case of early delivery. I am a little nervous, Missy, I am afraid of doing exactly what you did!!!

    ME-31/ DH-30
    Furbaby- Lulu 6
    born 5/28/05

    3 grueling years of IVF for a beautiful bundle of joy!!!

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    I thought it was too soon...haven't even thought about it yet!

    Bebe...You might want to reconsider if only to learn about c-sections...I know you may think that's not going to be you...I thought that also, but with my ds, 21+ hours later we ended up with a c-section. We didn't really pay much attention to that part and really wished we had!!!

    We are going to sign up ds for sibling class so I guess I need to check on that also!


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