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My dh's dysfunctional family . . .

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    Exclamation My dh's dysfunctional family . . .

    strikes again.

    For the second time in 4 months I've had to break the news to my Dh that one of his siblings is expecting AGAIN!!! Why oh why does my MIL call me to break the news to him.

    In November we found out that his step-brother's girlfriend is expecting #2 a few weeks before us. Now his sister found out she's due in November with #2. Of course she's not married either. Not that it matters but they are 21 and 23.

    Dh wants to know why everyone is stealing our thunder!!! I think we're both so upset because it took us almost 3 years to get pregnant and it's like they sneeze and get pregnant. Don't think that we aren't happy for them, we absolutely are (Billy will have cousins his age to play with) but HELLO has anyone ever heard of BIRTH CONTROL!!!!!!! One tiny little pill you take everyday.

    Anyway, sorry and thanks for letting me vent.

    ME-31/ DH-30
    Furbaby- Lulu 6
    born 5/28/05

    3 grueling years of IVF for a beautiful bundle of joy!!!

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    I will probably get beat up for saying this but I really do not think it is OK for 23 and 21 year old SINGLE women to be getting pregnant with # 1 let alone #2. I agree...where is the birth control? I feel so sorry for the babies born to these women (and their sperm providers). Yes I know some will be ok but the vast majority will end up in the social medicade system with you and me paying.

    I think no one is stealing your thunder. Everyone is excited and thrilled for you and your DH and know you will be great parents and provide a stable nurturing environment for your baby. They are on the other hand gossiping about the unwed couples and wondering what the future holds for the little ones they bring into this world.

    ME 43 DH 40, 7-02 (Domestic Adoption), 4-05 (DE #1, IVF #5),
    (M/C, Ectopic Pregnancy, Failed Adoption)

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    I can somewhat sympathize!!

    I am finally, FINALLY pregnant at 31 after two miscarriages and a very very very long wait, and my family who I am extremely close to is very excited for me. I show up at my family's thanksgiving 4 mo's prg all exited to be the center of attention and find out my cousin's wife is 6 1/2 mo's pregnant and of course sporting a cute HUGE belly while I am barely poking through my pathetic don't-even-really-need-it-yet maternity shirt!!!!!!

    And to top it all off, I find out that its this huge, BIG secret but the baby is not even my cousins!!!!!!!!

    Apparently they separated for awhile, and she went and got herself pg by another man, and now my cousin is taking her back and claimign the baby as his own!!!!!!!! AND NO ONE ELSE IN MY FAMILY KNOWS BUT ME!!!!! My cousins sister is the one who told me, and said to keep it hush hush. Thats why she showed up pregnant and no one even knew...And yeah, they are BOTH extremely young and can't even afford the one they have (21&22) and they live with her parents.

    I do believe that in todays day and age, the MAJORITY (But not all) of 21 year olds are definately NOT mature enough to handle a lifelong committment of a baby. I've seen some handle it very well, but unfortunatley the majority are completely unprepared, financially and emotionally and it is usually at the child's expense.

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