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my appt update.. this cant be good, can it!

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    my appt update.. this cant be good, can it!

    okay I went in yesterday for my appt. My blood pressure was up a bit. 140/78
    My urine was fine though. I go in two weeks for my glucose tolerance test. YUCKY!
    Babys heart rate was 149.
    Okay, here is the thing that cant be to good! She measured my uterus and it was larger then it should have been. THREE WEEKS LARGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIKES!
    I said, "does this mean i am having a huge baby" she said "Not at this point it doesnt" She didnt seem to concerned and said that I have always measured a little ahead. Could it be that it is my second baby? Is my baby actually three weeks ahead then?? uggg! I am going to see if i can have another u/s to see if they can measure the baby and just get a look at my lil one.
    Other then that,,, nothing new to report.
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    First of all don't panic just yet. This is your second right?? Doesn't everything stretch with the second, third and so on. And who measured you? Was it the OB or the nurse??

    Anyway, if she's not all that concerned then try not to worry. I would definately push for the U/S if not now then in a few weeks (like after the glucose test or something) Just to make sure you know what's in store as far as size.

    My OB planned to do another U/S at around 32-34 weeks for the same reason. Her philosophy is it's better to know ahead of time then in the middle of labor!!!

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    Don't worry about it, considering your dr isn't. I would push for another u/s for the peace of mind. My sister-in-law always carried her second pg big. She had people thinking that she was due any day and 1 person even asked her if she was having twins. Some woman just carry there babies big. Remember we all carry our babies differently each pg.
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    I am sure it is probably because this is your 2nd baby. I don't think that you can really go by how you are measuring anyway, as far as the baby's size. Hopefully they will give you another u/s towards the end just to see how big the baby is. When I first started going for my OB appts and they did the internal they told me that my uterus was measuring bigger then what I was. Then at my last appt they measured the fundus height for the first time and said that I was measuring exactly what I was. I don't get it!! Anyway, if your OB isn't concerned then I wouldn't be either.
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    I pray for ONE....JUST ONE uneventful doctors appointment for you!!!! I wouldn't be worried. Second pregnancies tend to show youas bigger. I am a little surprised that your doc didn't do an ultrasound. Hopefully she'll do one at your next appointment. You may want to call her and ask her why she didn't feel the need to do a scan.

    I always forget to ask stuff while I am at the doctors office. I get all wrapped up in the moment.

    SOunds like you're going to have a BIIIIIIIIIIG girl!


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