I saw your questions on the other thread. Hopefully some of these answers will help you out.

What will the baby wear indoors in the summer? Long sleves or short? Both? I would hate to keep him in a blanket all the time.

With Olivia I had her mostly in short sleeves (she was born in July). It was mostly onesies during the summer. I guess it depends if you have central air or not though. The only room that we had air conditioned at the time was our bedroom. So, at night I would just dress her a little warmer or swaddle her in a blanket (we also kept the a/c on low). It was so hot the summer she was born though!! I will do the same for this baby.

And for you mommies that breast and bottle feed.. what brand bottle did you use? Avent? Playtex?

I think that the Avent are supposed to be good for breast and bottle feeding. Also they make a Playtex bottle now with a drop in liner. It is supposed to be very similiar to the breast.

Did you wear nurshing shirts at all? Or just pull up your regular shirt?

I didn't breast feed for very long, so I just had regular clothes. Hopefully someone that breastfed for a longer period of time can answer this one for you.

Can you use a pacifier when your nursing or does it confuse the baby?

Yes, you can use a pacifier if you are breastfeeding. I think that they recommend you hold off for a little while though, as not to confuse the baby.......I believe it is 2 weeks. Alot of lactation consultants will tell you to let the baby suck on your pinky at first to comfort them. I did this with Olivia and it really worked for her. The thing that was bad for me though was that I didn't have any free hands thoughout the day to get anything done. One was holding her while the other one was stuck in her mouth!!! lol It had to be only MY pinky as well.

Thanks! I'm sure I'll have more later.