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For first time mommies!!

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    For first time mommies!!

    Hi Ladies,

    I thought it would be cool for all of us second, third, fourth and FIFTH time around mommies to share some of our MUST HAVES with the rookie mommies on the board.

    I remember when I went in to register for the first time.....I was TOTALLY clueless! I thought to myself, "what in the heck did I get myself into?"

    I wish I had someone to share this stuff with me the first time around. I know that we all have different things that were our favorites....so I'll go ahead and start the list. It would be great if y'all could help out! How about we all do our top 3-4 things. They can be the same....it just drives home the importance of the item!


    1) Bouncy Seat that vibrates with Music.

    2) Swing that has a long running time. I found this to be much more important than all the gadgets.

    3) Glider Rocker and Ottoman. If you can swing this, it is the greatest gift you can give yourself. You spend a whole lot of time in that chair, and to have it be comfortable for both you and baby is awesome.

    Hope this helps!

    me 36 DH 33
    m/c 12-7-01
    m/c 3-22-02
    DD Grace 5/9/03
    m/c 3-22-04 :angel
    DS Ryan 5/12/05

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    I love this idea! I hope everyone posts.. even you lurkers. I need all the help I can get!!!

    Age 27, DH 27
    Cycle 6 -IVF BFP!!!! EDD 6/23
    Nathan James
    Born 5/31/05
    6lbs 10oz 19in

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    Great idea Kathy!

    I liked the bouncer, because I could take it all over the house with me. They now have portable swings too. I've looked at a few different models and I think the Evenflo one is the safest.

    I totally forget what they are called, but it's a thing to lay the baby on when they are sleeping in the crib. It has a head piece and sides to keep the baby on his back. They have some without the head piece, but the head piece is my favorite part!! It's squishy and keeps your baby's head from getting flat, a REALLY big problem with babies sleeping on their backs!! I think this is a must!

    For all you who are going to breastfeed, I REALLY recommend the Medela Breast Pump. It's kinda pricey, but very worth it. It makes pumping a breeze and there is even a cigarrette attachment for the car. Yes, I have used it in the car, and many times! I just cover up with a blanket and go for it!

    I also recommend the Glider Rocker and Ottoman. They make breastfeeding/bottle feeding much more comfy, especially at 2am!!

    There are A LOT of things you can buy for your baby. I learned there are many you just won't use. Pick and choose carefully, and oh yeah, have fun!!


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    For breast feeders:

    BABY BOPPY! LOVED mine...couldn't do without it!

    STAY AWAY from:

    Novelty things like wipe warmers...sounds great...you'll NEVER use it!!!

    Also, experiement with diapers....*named brand* is not always the best...AND...just cause your best friend SWEARS by it...doesn't mean it's the best for your baby! DS couldn't wear Huggies...leaked right through them...the best for us early on, because he was so little (didn't have premie diapers back then!) were the Sam's generic brand! So, try and try again!


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    I think this is a great idea... WIth Kaelyn we got all kinds of stuff, some from our baby shower, some that we bought and there are SOOOOOOO many things that i would NEVER do without and some that were completly pointless!!!!!

    Could do without!!!!!!!
    Diaper Genee... some people like it,,, we didnt use it after the first week!
    Bottle warmer for car....... UGGGG takes like an hour to heat the bottle
    wipe warmers!
    oh there are so many others. .I will post them when I think of them..

    Thing to NOT LIVE WITHOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A baby swing like Kathy said!!!!!!! We have one that stops after a while when it senses the baby is quiet and then starts up when it feels movemnt or noise. You dont necessarily need that type but a swing is a MUST i think.. We also have a portable one.
    Okay this one is a must for us, but probably not for everyone..
    A lullabyes cd or soft soothing music. Kaelyn is two and has went to sleep with her lullabyes cb since she was just a tiny baby. We just put it on one time play and she is usually asleep after it is done.
    A boppy pillow! They are great whether you are breast feeding or not. Takes some of the strain off your arms when you are holding the baby for a period of time, and then can be used when they are learning to sit up.
    ANd.... I agree with the rocker chair!
    Mommy to Kaelyn 11/22/2002--My little sweetie!
    My Wild mamma!--Carlee Grace 05/31/05

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    Thank you so much girls.

    This is invaluable stuff to know. I feel so clueless about all this.

    Love Grainne
    Me 46, TCC # 1 for 7 years.
    1st DE IVF 10/01/04 BFP,
    1st Beta 10/13/04 278, 2nd Beta 10/15/04 947

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    Thanks so much ladies, you are the best. This is a great help. Keep them coming.

    ME-31/ DH-30
    Furbaby- Lulu 6
    born 5/28/05

    3 grueling years of IVF for a beautiful bundle of joy!!!

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    This is a great idea. Especially because it can be so overwhelming what to buy! I agree that a wipes warmer and bottle warmer are not worth it. It will take way too long to warm the bottle......baby will be screaming by then!!!! We did use our Dipaer Genie for about the first year. However, that thing really starts to stink and you can't get the odor out. Now we just throw the pee diapers in the kitchen garbage and put the poop ones in a platic bag and through it in the garbage in the garage. I am not going to bother with the Diaper Genie again.

    Now for the things I couldn't live without:

    1.) Portable swing-this thing was wonderful when I brought Liv to my parents house or somewhere else. She had a place to sit and look around and she loved the swinging motion. Also, great for taking showers. I used to sit her in it right on the bathroom floor. It was the only way she would let me take a shower.

    2.) FP Aquarium-this is the aquarium that attaches to the crib and plays lights, music, etc. I had the one shaped like a fishbowl, which they don't make anymore. They do however make another one now. They also make one that has birdies in a nest that go around. They chirp and it plays music. That is the one that I got for this time around. Not sure how well this one is going to work, but I SWEAR by the aquarium. Whenever Liv woke up we would just go turn it on and she would fall back to sleep. Every night we put her to bed we would turn that thing on and she would be to sleep in minutes. She actually used that thing right up until she was almost 2 and then it died!

    Sorry so long!! I am sure that I have a few more but I have to run right now. It I think of them I will post them. I will also try to attach pics of the aquarium and birdie toy later.
    Jen 36 dh 40
    #1 dd 7/17/02
    My precious little girl!!
    #2 dd 6/10/05
    My other precious little girl!!

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    We wore out our first bouncy chair and are DEFINITELY getting another one for this baby! Ds loved it & it was nice to have somewhere safe to put the baby while I needed both hands.

    We also were very fond of our bottle cooler/warmer. We have a big two-story house. This has a compartment to keep 2 bottles cold until you need them. Then you put them in the other section to warm them up while you change the baby. It didn't take too long. Much better than running up & down the steps at night!


    ds - Logan, age 3
    - edd 7/4/05

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    What a good idea!

    Definite must-haves:
    1. We used our exersaucer a lot - it's for when the baby is a little older (6 months or so), but we stuck both our kids in it and they would entertain themselves playing with all the toys for 30 minutes. I was able to get dressed in the morning, fix dinner, or just get various tasks done while they were busy playing.

    2. The FP aquarium was a lifesaver for us too - just like Liv's mommy.

    3. Lots and lots of cloth diapers that we used for burp cloths. We had them all over the house, because you never knew when the baby was going to spit up.

    4. Medicine to make sure you have on hand: Tylenol (or generic equivalent), Mylicon gas drops and diaper rash cream.

    Mom to Nathan 01/28/02
    and Ali 07/26/03
    #3 due 06/15/05 - It's a boy!!

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