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Am I just a sap or is it hormones!~!

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    Am I just a sap or is it hormones!~!

    My husband does prayer requests for our Sunday School class and he just sent them out...as I was reading I came to this one:

    * Continue to pray for Foster's baby girl - 2nd ultrasound shows no problems

    and the part *Foster's baby girl* just touched me so much I started crying on the spot...not a sad cry but an overwhelming *wow* can't believe this is really happening...a baby girl...I think that's it coming from HIM is just too much for me!! His baby girl/our baby girl....

    Are my hormones just roaring or what?? Anyone else still feel this way???


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    Thank you for sharing that. It very touching.
    Each night, my Dh kisses my belly and says "Goodnight my baby" and I just swoon with love for him. When he walks in the door from work he says "How are my babies? also. When this is something you have imagined and longed for, its all the more special when it is actually happening.

    Now here's my "Is this just hormones" question. The first time DH kissed my belly and it was for the baby, I actually felt a stab of jealously, I thought his kisses used to be only for me. Now I have to share them. Now that seems like a fairly crazy thought to me. Sheeeesh!!!

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    Aww.. both of those posts are so sweet. It's it nice how sweet our husbands are becoming. I woke up today and DH was doing the dishes and some laundry! He takes such good care of me. And during our u/s yesterday he leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. I love him soo much. Oh, by the way.. I'm crying a lot lately too. I feel like such a dork! But they are tears of happiness, so it's ok.

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