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Anyone feeling the baby on one particular side??

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    Anyone feeling the baby on one particular side??

    Okay...for the last couple of days I have felt this little one on my right side, almost exclusively! And, not only that, it feels like she's tickling me!! There are times I just start cracking up because she's tickling me so much!

    Is this weird?? Anybody else have this?

    On another note...I was explaining to my ds (who is 6 and in the 1st grade) about a woman's uterus. He was thinking the baby was just anywhere she wanted to be inside me! At one time he said something to the effect of...What if she reaches up and grabs your heart!! So, anyway..today I felt the need to explain about the uterus, because he said something else that was totally off the wall (just can't remember what it was!)...so I was telling him the uterus was similar to an egg and that the baby is inside it...to which he quickly replied...I knew it! We are reptiles!! Why do I try?!?!?!? LOL!!


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    For wks I felt this baby on my left side, now its bigger and kinda everywhere . I had to lol at your ds, they say the funniest things. My ds is almost 4 and thinks the baby is in my belly button and or comming out there and even mentioned my mouth once..lol . He asked frquently when baby sister is comming out. he has even tried peeking into my belly button too, soo funny.

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    LOL at your son.. TOO cute! I feel this baby mostly on my left side. WHen I am laying in bed on my right sided I can put my hand on my left side and feel this lil one kicking away.
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    You got to love the imagination children have. Way too cute.

    I feel the baby on my left side the most and every once in a while in the middle.
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    my girl is always kicking really low in my abdomen and the boy is always on the left side.

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