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Personal Updates:  Week of 1-31-05

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    Personal Updates: Week of 1-31-05

    Hi Ladies,

    I thought this would be a cool thread to start once a week. Can you even BELIEVE that January is almost over?? I don't know about y'all, but this pregnancy is FLYING by. It kinda makes me sad because I know it's my last one!

    I am still amazed every day by how blessed I am with the pregnancy. He (who still has no name) is so active....I think he may come out of the womb dancing!

    I am 23 weeks!! WOWIE! Sinec I had Grace 3 weeks early, I may only have about 3 to 3 and a half months left!

    This week I have an OB appointment on Wednesday. I'm not sure if he is going to schedule a level II Ultrasound. We'll see. I live 2 hours away from the doctor...so it's quite a trek to get there. But it's still fun to go and have an OB appointment!!

    Have a great day!

    me 36 DH 33
    m/c 12-7-01
    m/c 3-22-02
    DD Grace 5/9/03
    m/c 3-22-04 :angel
    DS Ryan 5/12/05

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    Hi Kathy, I am glad that you started the update.
    I am also glad that things are going great!! WOWSERS, two hours, thats a long way, I thought I had to go a ways and mine is only about 25 minutes. LOL
    I dont care, I would gladly drive two hours just like you if it meant hearing the babys heart beat again!
    Like you this is our last. My body can not handle another pregnancy and we are out of bedrooms after this one. LOL
    Some days this baby moves around alot and other days (like yesterday) my lil one just chills out and relaxes. I love to feel the movement. That is one thing I missed so much after Kaelyn was born. I am 22 weeks today! I will be having this one early too as I have to have a scheduled c-section so like you I probably also have about 3.5 months!
    I am taking my heart meds they gave me and so far I have not had another episode of my heart racing. I dont really like taking all these meds (i am also still on zofran to keep from throwing up) but they assured me that I could take them both and the digoxin I have to take. Praying everynight for the best.
    Hopefully in the next couple of days I will get my results from my echocardiogram about my heart.
    OH and I only have TWO more days of WORK... WOOHOO! I mean I was only working a few days a week anyway, but dh is persistant that I quit and focus on taking care of myself and this baby. He is worried as well. Anyway, my next appt is on the 4th of February. I dont know if she will move my appts closer together since this makes me high risk,but it would not hurt my feelings!!!
    Oh and one more thing. LOL
    I ordered a babybeat so I can listen to this babys heartbeat anytime I get anxious. I am so excited to get it. It should be here in a couple days.. Maybe this will help my nerves some!!!
    Okay enough already!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh one more thing, how much weight has everyone gained?? I think i have gained about 14 pounds!!!!!!!! YIKESSSSSSSS!
    Mommy to Kaelyn 11/22/2002--My little sweetie!
    My Wild mamma!--Carlee Grace 05/31/05

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    HI ladies, glad to hear everyone is doing well. I am 19wks today which is officially half way point for me as I am having a section at 38wks.I had my level II last wk, everything looked good. She is still a she . I got a cool surprize at the end I got some cool 4D shots, all is on video. This is my last pg also, 2 plus 1 sdd is enough.I have gained just over 4lbs, I have a low appetite compared her daddy lol. One thing I have noticed is she is not as active at this stage as ds was. I agree time seems to be flying by .

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    I'm doing pretty good! I've been SO amazed at how much peace I've had the last few days about the baby! It really helped learning that it was only the right kidney that was a problem. If, God forbid, this baby's kidney is really bad and does need to be removed, he still has a healthy kidney that he can live a great life with!! This thought process has helped me alot! I'm still really praying that won't be an issue though!!
    My lil guy is moving more often and it's a wonderful feeling! I just love feeling him move around!
    Yesterday, I went to Babies R US to look at strollers. My last two have destroyed my stroller. It did go through three kids, so I can't complain too much! Anyways, didn't buy a stroller, but did buy my lil guy his first few outfits! My 2 and 4 yr. old dds were with me and we had so much fun buying a few outfits for their baby brother!! We even found an adorable outfit that said "I'm the LIttle Brother"! They are definately like their mommy and LOVE to shop!! It was a fun day!
    My u/s is on Wednesday and I'm scared, but excited too! Only 2 more days!!!
    We are honestly not sure if this is our last baby?? We always wanted a big family, and if God allows it, I think we might try one more time?? We will see! I'm crazy, huh??
    I've gained about 4 lbs., but I'm overweight, so I'm hoping to gain less then 20 lbs. I've been able to do that the last few times! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
    Have a great week!


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    OHHH I LOVE THIS THREAD!! Ok.. My update. One week from today is my big U/S!!! I an hardly wait. I pick my Mom up from the airport in Nashville tonight. She is flying in from CA for the U/S and some SHOPPING!! I can't wait to see her. I'm feeling great, except for a lot of BH Contractions.. Like 5 or more a day. It makes me nervous, but thank God for BabyBeat. It keeps me sain! I've lost about 4lbs so far, but I'm overweight. So, I'm happy with that. I was so afraid of gaining 60lbs.

    As far as another baby... I WANT ONE! My DH keeps saying "Can't we get this one out first and make sure we like it ok?" He's so funny. This is an IVF baby, so it would mean another cycle or two and a lot more money, but I think this baby needs a little brother or sister to play with. We'll see.

    Age 27, DH 27
    Cycle 6 -IVF BFP!!!! EDD 6/23
    Nathan James
    Born 5/31/05
    6lbs 10oz 19in

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    I'm home with a sick child...well, not too sick! We did go to the Dr., and he noticed redness in the ears, so we're on antibotics now that will hopefully stop what ever it is in it's tracks! He basically just has a cold, runny nose, and occasionally a sore throat.

    I'm 19 weeks and CAN'T believe it! I go back for a level II on Friday to verify results from last one...we're going to get a tape also and make sure she is still a she!!

    I did buy my bedding, after changing my mind on the one I posted here! When I get around to it, I'll send a pic of the new one and you can ohh and ahhh over it cause it's just precious!
    I too ended up with a dress for my baby girl!

    We decided on Victoria Elizabeth as her name, but calling her Tori. Last night as ds was telling his sister goodnight, he said, what were we going to call her again...I said, "Tori" to which he replied, "Goodnight Victoria"...he's 6 and I don't believe I gave him permission to have a mind of his own...hmmm...where did I go wrong???? Anyone else have any defiant ones, who think for themselves??? What are we going to do about that?? (LOL)!!

    I'll let you know how my U/S goes...can't wait...and it's about 1 1/2 hrs away (specialist, not regular OB)


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    Great idea Kathy!
    I will be 22 wks tomorrow. I too feel that this pregnancy is going by way way too fast!!!! Much faster then my pregnancy with Olivia. Hmmm....maybe it is because we are supposed to have our upstairs finished before the baby arrives and dh hasn't even started yet!!!! So, as of right now she really has no bedroom...ugh!!!! My appt isn't until next week. As of last appt I had gained a total of 8 lbs. I am scared to see what the scale says this time though. I dread the weight part!!!!! This baby girl is so active. I can't believe it!!!!! She seems much more active than Olivia at this stage. She is always kicking me!!! I love it though!!! There is nothing like feeling your baby move inside of you! I am REALLY trying to cherish all this becuse it will be our last baby as well.
    Jen 36 dh 40
    #1 dd 7/17/02
    My precious little girl!!
    #2 dd 6/10/05
    My other precious little girl!!

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    What a great idea!!! I love hearing how you ladies are doing. I am so glad you're all doing so well.

    Thanks Kathy.

    Well I had my OB appointment last Friday. Billy's HR is 158. Dr. says he's doing well. I feel FAT on the otherhand!!! I gained 20 pounds already. Dr. isn't thrilled but my blood pressure and Liver are doing great so she's not complaining (I tend develop deposits on my Liver which limits it's function).

    Billy has been very quiet since Saturday morning. I started to panic this morning so I hooked myself up to the heart monitor I bought. His hearts beating away, I guess he's just being lazy!!!

    ME-31/ DH-30
    Furbaby- Lulu 6
    born 5/28/05

    3 grueling years of IVF for a beautiful bundle of joy!!!

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    Thanks for this Kathy. This is fab to hear how you all are doing.

    I will be 20 weeks tomorrow and plan to take a bump picture and post it here. I am such a show off but I am so in love with my bump. I can't tell you how long I have longed for this. I am in a situation that I feel this will probably be my only pregnancy. So I am milking it for all its worth. We do have 5 toticles on ice and I know I would love to try IVF one more time. We had a young egg donor so my age is not the biggest factor but its really about how Michael and I will cope with being first time parents at our age.
    I have my next pre-natal on Wed 2nd. I CANNOT beleive I am at the halfway mark. I am feeling wonderful and have lots of energy. I am doing yoga classes and walking. I am definitely starting to feel more movement. How mind blowingly amazing the feeling is. I have always seen myself as the earth mother type and my biggest ambition has always been to be a mother. God's work, I call it. It has been a huge source of pain and struggle in my life, that the thing I yearned for most for myself, I could not have. I know I waited til late to have IVF but my personal life needed to be right. I now am blissfully happily married (my second) and this pregnancy is bringing us even closer than I thought we could be.
    I am going home to Ireland On Feb 16th for 2 weeks to let my family spoil me rotten. I havent been home for 14 months (I couldnt make plans to travel while the IVF was happening) and I very badly need my Ireland fix.
    I have put on about 12 lbs but I feel like a whale. Can I help it if baby likes Ben & Gerry's Chunkey Monkey and carrot cake (together)?

    Love Grainne
    Last edited by grainne; 01-31-2005 at 07:01 PM.
    Me 46, TCC # 1 for 7 years.
    1st DE IVF 10/01/04 BFP,
    1st Beta 10/13/04 278, 2nd Beta 10/15/04 947

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    Hi Ladies!
    It is so wonderful hearing how all of you are doing. This pregnancy isn't going fast enough for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sick or miserable or anything; on the contrary, I'm feeling well, but just longing to meet my babe and a little nervous about the 3rd trimester, having gone through pre-term labor with my first.

    Tomorrow we will be 20wks (hip hip hooray) and our u/s is scheduled this Thurs 2/3 and I CAN'T WAIT, mostly because I am still nervous about babes health. Since we didn't do any genetic testing, I don't have that to reassure me; yet, babe is giving me little kicks now and then, which is wonderful; of course, like some of you, I worry when I don't feel them and when I do feel them I am ecstatic. DS age 3.5, newly potty-trained (hooray, makes life so much easier), keeps me busy as does my almost full time job (4 days/wk). At the beginning of the 3rd trimester (28wk mark for me) I'll be cutting my work hours down per doctor's orders (due to prior preterm birth at 33.6wks) and can't wait to go to a lighter schedule, I've been counting the days (hmmm, maybe that is why this pg seems to be going slower than usual).

    My goal for this week, and the weeks ahead, is to relax and trust God with this baby and not worry about every little (or big) thing (like my u/s). The fact that I am pg in the first place is a miracle; so I figure, I need to let go and let God be in control (FYI, my background is that after a year of intensive IF tx, we conceived on a rest cycle the month before we were to start IVF).

    Sorry so long. Oops, forgot to mention, I've gained 10 pounds and feel huge, though I know, this is just the beginning. My diet needs lots of improvement (too much eating on the run and junk and not enough fresh veggies/fruit) and I've let my eating (too much) get a little out of hand.

    have a wonderful week, Ladies. Can't wait to hear your updates next week.

    dh 34

    EDD 6/20/04

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