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Au Natural or Epidural?

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View Poll Results: Natural Child Birth or Epidural?

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    Au Natural or Epidural?

    Hi Ladies,

    I'm curious...(and yes cuz I'm the nosey neighbor) about what you are planning to do for childbirth? I know which way I am going....but I think it would be interesting for all of us to share our thoughts.

    I am an epidural girl ALL THE WAY! My labor with Grace was 5 hours....it was fast, furious and PAINFUL. I am all about the epidural!

    How about y'all?
    me 36 DH 33
    m/c 12-7-01
    m/c 3-22-02
    DD Grace 5/9/03
    m/c 3-22-04 :angel
    DS Ryan 5/12/05

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    My labor with Wesley was 20+ hours long, went through 3 nurses (nightshift, dayshift, nightshift)!!...for the 1st 10 hours I was au natural...then I said FORGET!!

    Turns out in the end I had a C-section...

    So, more than likely that's what I'll have this time too!


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    I hope I am not the only one here as I will be left wondering if I'm mad altogether. But I am choosing natural childbirth. In March I am starting Hypnobirthing classes. I would be choosing a home birth if it wasnt for my age.
    I'm a hippy at heart.

    Me 46, TCC # 1 for 7 years.
    1st DE IVF 10/01/04 BFP,
    1st Beta 10/13/04 278, 2nd Beta 10/15/04 947

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    I voted for "I don't know yet." With Olivia I was induced with Pitocin and was in labor for about 8.5 hrs and pushed for 1 hr and 20 min. The only drug I had was Stadol (the one that relaxes you and makes you feel drunk but does zip for the pain). I am not sure if that qualifies as natural childbirth or not. Anyway, all in all I really didn't think it was that bad.....or maybe it really is true that you forget about the pain!! lol What really stinks is that for some reason here in Maine they don't like to do epidurals. I did ask for one when I was in labor with Liv and they said for me to try Stadol first and then I went so fast there was no time for an epiural after that. Anyway, what they will do is keep trying to put you off until it is too late basically. I have no idea why either. So......to make a long story short if my labor goes like it did with Liv then I think that I could go the au-natural route. However, every labor is different and if I needed it I would definitely ask for an epidural. Now, if they would actually give me one who knows.
    Jen 36 dh 40
    #1 dd 7/17/02
    My precious little girl!!
    #2 dd 6/10/05
    My other precious little girl!!

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    I picked natural. I went natural with my first two and had epis with my last two. Both times I went with an epi, I was induced! Man do I HATE Pitocin!!! With my last two, I truly believe the epis made my girls VERY sleepy. They were literally sleeping for the first three weeks. They both lost more then the normal weight, because they wouldn't eat and it made breastfeeding really hard. I was very thankful I had a breast pump, which I totally recommend for you first-time moms who are breastfeeding! And yes, spend the extra money and get an electric breast pump. Also with my last epi I had some yucky side effects! So, for me, I'm doing this one natural!
    I don't want to make any of you having epis think weird of me...please! If you choose an epi, I do completely understand! I did it, twice!! However we do this, we will all end up holding our precious little ones!

    Good luck!

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    I'm hoping to try au natural but I'm keeping my option open since I have a stubborn baby so who knows what's going to happen.
    Kim (dx PCOS) - 31/DH - 34
    06/05 02/07 04/04

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    I don't know yet!!! I am allergic to everything, so we are still doing tons of research into what kinds of pain relief I can have.

    I was so sick coming out of my last egg retrival, drs aren't really sure what to do with me!!!

    I am trying not to think about that though right now. Good thing I have a high tolerance for pain.

    ME-31/ DH-30
    Furbaby- Lulu 6
    born 5/28/05

    3 grueling years of IVF for a beautiful bundle of joy!!!

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    I hate needles, I know hard to believe that I went through infertility treatment. I trust my dh to give the injections, he is really careful and calming. I am planning on an epidural though.

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