There is a childfren's book that might especially interest those of us who have adopted, or are in interfaith or interracial marriages, etc. Attached is the book cover. In case anyone is wondering who the gorgeous little girl in the lower left with the green shirt is.... it's Mia!!! (about two years ago)

Available Spring 2007
What Makes Someone a Jew?

What Makes Someone a Jew?
By Lauren Seidman
10 x 8.5, 32 pp, Full-color photos, Quality Paperback Original
ISBN-13: 978-1-58023-321-7
ISBN-10: 1-58023-321-X
For Ages 3–6

What makes a person a Jew?
Is it the way that they look or the things that they do?
Is being Jewish a matter of how you look, or how you live? Using everyday examples that children can relate to, this colorful book helps all young Jewish readers understand what it really means to be a Jew.

A vibrant and fun way for children to develop a broader knowledge of Judaism and the Jewish People, this book gently guides children down their own path of Jewish spiritual discovery … and reminds us all that being Jewish is about our deeds, thoughts, and heart.

“Finally! A beautiful book that celebrates the diversity of Jews, of all colors, from all families, and from all places. Offers thoughtful answers to the questions often asked by adopted Jews, Jews of color, and even Jews from traditional families about what it means to be Jewish. Affirms young Jewish identity with great heart. It belongs in every Jewish home!”

—Rabbi/Cantor Angela Warnick Buchdahl, Central Synagogue, New York

“A delightful corrective and addition to the field of Jewish children’s books. Recognizes the beauty and diversity of Jewish life and people. I recommend it for all Jewish families.”

—Yosef Israel Abramowitz, founder, Jewish Family & Life!; coauthor, Holidays and Values for Today’s Parents and Children

“Adds the missing link to the library of Jewish picture books. It belongs on the shelf of every synagogue and Jewish preschool. With concise rhyming text and photos of children from around the world, it clarifies for every Jewish child that the Jewish community includes faces like theirs.”

—Karen Kushner, director, Project Welcome, Union for Reform Judaism; coauthor, Because Nothing Looks Like God

“Sometimes the simplest words offer us the most profound of wisdom. Speaks to the heart, mind, and soul of child and adult alike. It displays the community that we strive to create: opening, welcoming, and inclusive. Terrific!”

—Dr. Kerry M. Olitzky, executive director, Jewish Outreach Institute; author, Introducing My Faith and My Community: The Jewish Outreach Institute Guide for the Christian in a Jewish Interfaith Relationship

“A much needed book that gives affirmation to an expansive notion of who is part of the Jewish people. Welcoming and non-judgmental, it is an important expression for the contemporary Jewish world.”

—Rabbi Michael Strassfeld, author, A Book of Life: Embracing Judaism as a Spiritual Practice and coauthor, The Jewish Catalog

“Celebrates the diversity within the Jewish community while also educating children about it.”

—Ronnie Friedland, online magazine editor of; coeditor, The Guide to Jewish Interfaith Family Life: An Handbook

Lauren Seidman is a writer and editor living in Vermont.