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What kind of birth are you thinking about?

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    What kind of birth are you thinking about?

    I am seriously considering a water birth. I hate catheters and you don't have to have one if you have a water birth. At least at our hospital that is the way it is. I tried to refuse the catheter last time and they said I couldn't refuse it.
    My last two deliveries were quick and the contractions weren't bad at all so I think I can handle no epidural this time if it goes like the last two times. My dh isn't as up on the idea as I am. He thinks last time went so well, why change it. Our hospital has a birthing tub and we have excellent midwives. I guess I can play it by ear as we go.
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    I'm hoping for a natural VBAC. I don't know if they'll let me do a water birth (I'd LOVE to), but I'm at least hoping for no meds. With my first 2 babies, the epidurals didn't work correctly so we just gave up on them and they were completely turned off before pushing. Even with my 2nd being face up, I managed just fine. I don't think I need an epi, and I just want this birth to be uncomplicated since my last one was so chaotic.

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    #4 L (7 mos) ASD heart defect - closed by 6 mos

    6.5 years of IF

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    Planned C-Sect. Not a candidate for VBAC since I have tons of scar tissue that kept me from progressing w/ DD. I really feel cheated that I won't have a natural birth experience
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    I would love a home water birth, but....

    considering my scared cervix that doesn't dilate, it will be scheduled c/s #3.
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    Kathi- With my 2nd delivery I did not have a catheter and was able to have a vaginal birth with the help of an epidural.

    I would love to have a water birth but I will probably have an epidural again and a vaginal delivery.

    me: 35 dh:30
    dx: blocked and swollen tubes-cauterized-3/05; slight male factor
    IVF/ICSI#2-BFP-6/06 twins PROM at 32 weeks; born at 34 weeks 1/15/07
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    2nd natural surprise baby girl! 1/6/11

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    I would *love* a water birth, but my hospital doesn't allow them for VBAC. I can labor in the tub, but no birthing there. *sad* Although one of my friends said "but if you accidentally push the baby out in the tub, there's nothing they can do about it." haha Anyway, I'm going to be trying for a VBAC naturally--don't want an epidural or catheter, but I will have a saline block (required for VBACs).
    Me (34), DH (48)

    3 Clomid (BFN)
    1 Natural w/ IUI (BFN)
    4 Follistim w/ IUI (1 chem preg , 3 BFN)

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    DD born @ 39 wks on 12/30/10

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    We can't know for sure what any baby's birth feels like. However, champions of water birth believe that the transition to the outside world is less traumatic for babies who are born in water.

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