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Nuchal Translucency Scan today

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    Nuchal Translucency Scan today

    I had my nuchal translucency scan and genetic counseling today. This is my third time going through genetic counseling - once before trying to get pregnant, once when pregnant with DS, and now with this pg. It was kind of a waste of our time because we know all of our inherited risks, which are minimal.

    It was great to have an ultrasound - the baby looks wonderful and if he/she had been in a better position we could have found out the gender at this appointment. We had a great u/s tech who showed us the baby's hands, feet, a bunch of organs and did a ton of measurements including the nuchal translucency measurement which was normal. He said based on that measurement I fall into the risk category of a 30.5 year old! Woohoo! I'm going to start lying about my age. I have to wait for the bloodwork to come back to get my exact results but the tech and the perinatologist both said everything looks great.

    It was like a mini version of the 20-week ultrasound and it is such a relief to see the baby and to know that everything is progressing normally.

    Hope everyone else is doing well.
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    Congrats Amy! Kind of a relief isn't it! You are lucky that you had a friendly u/s tech. Ours was kind of crabby, starting out by kind of scolding me for not having a full bladder, then later reprimanding dh for having his hand under my head (so I could see the screen better), as if his hand is going to affect how well she can see the baby. The doc came in at the end to do more measurements and she was nicer at least. I was hoping to be able to tell the gender also but I don't think they got good views of that area - they were mainly measuring the head and upper torso areas.
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    Good news Amy!

    In my last pregnancy, I found that all the tech were very crappy people. The doc always says they should be that way. Anyway, nice to have a tech that explained everything to you.

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    Amy, that's wonderful news!

    I'm glad you had a super nice tech. The one at my OB's office is awesome, too. She really takes her time and lets us stare at our little one as long as we want. Can't beat that!

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    Great report! I know you are relieved! I go in tomorrow for my 1st OB appt. & will find out if I will do a nuchal scan. I'm pretty sure that I will - since I'm 36 years old. DH & I discussed it & we don't think we will do CVS & amneo tests. Risk of m/c is doubled with twins & we have decided that we wouldn't do anything if we found out the babies were handicapped or had downs.
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