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Had my nuchal scan today!

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    Had my nuchal scan today!


    I went in for my First Trimester Screening today. Everything looked great! The baby was moving all over and even clapped it's hands! I get my official results back in a few days after they run the blood test also, but according to the peri, it all looked good. The peri also told me to return to them for my 18 week u/s since I have had so many problems in the past with PTL. He just thought that since I have ended up there with the last 2 pg's that I should just keep having my u/s there this time. I am happy about that because their machine is so much better than at my OB's office!!

    Anyway, I am trying to attach the u/s picture. It is a side profile shot and the baby has it's hand up to it's mouth. Amazing to see.

    12 weeks
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    Great update Jodi

    p.s. nice photo, you can really see that little bean pretty well
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    What a great shot of your belly bean!! Gorgeous! I'm glad that you're going to be getting your u/s at the peri's office. My ob's u/s equipment is not so clear (especially compared to my RE's and the peri's office where I had my Level II). Sounds like your little one is doing beautifully.

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    That is a great shot of the baby, glad all was well. My last u/s at 9 weeks was better than the 5 week, we could see arms, legs and head, yours is really clear. Cute.

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    What a great shot of your little bellybean!! I'm glad to hear the scan went well! Please be sure to share the results with us when you get them!
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