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Last week was TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Last week was TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Girls, I had the scarriest week so far I started bleeding red blood last Sunday and it scared me half to death. Called my RE and she told me to take it easy and called in extra Progresterone in case I was having problems absorbing the PIO injections. After several calls back and forth we decided it would be best to just wait till the morning to see her. It was a LONG night. The u/s the next day checked out fine and we saw two precious heartbeats.

    She wanted me to come back on Wednesday for a f/u appt and to go over labwork...That day she also released me to my peri. A milestone.

    Last Friday after lunch I felt an odd sensation and thought it may be bleeding. I went to the ladies room and instant panic. There was so much blood everwhere. I was so scared!!! Since I work in a hospital I decided to go to the ER there. I called my husband to meet me there. After a few hours (and lots of praying) they finally did a pelvic u/s - 2 heartbeats. We were so relieved and happy. I just couldn't believe the amount of blood I was losing and was terrified. They did send me home with instructions to take it easy but assured us that the babies were fine.

    I'm to take it easy until my appt with the peri tomorrow. I've been pretty scared but hopeful that everything will be fine. This Friday I'll be 10 weeks. I can't even tell you guys how happy I will be once I reach 12 weeks.


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    OMG!!! That sounds so scary. I remember how scared I was when I started gushing red blood at 13 weeks with DS. Turns out I had placenta previa. I am so glad that your babies are ok. I have heard that with twins you tend to bleed and spot more. I hope you can get some answers when you go to your Peri appt. Update us on what happens.

    Please get lots of rest and take care.


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    What a scare!! Glad to hear your beans are still tucked away safely in there! Take it easy and keep us updated!
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