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I made my first maternity purchase today!

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    I made my first maternity purchase today!

    I went with my friend who is 20 weeks pg today to the mall. We were in Motherhood and I ended up buying a super cute pair of jean capris and jean shorts. I am growing out of eveything already and only have about 3 options everyday for pants. My maternity clothes don't fit me yet as I had lost so much weight after having DD. So I figured I'd buy something to make me feel good.

    I can't believe I'll be in the double digits tomorrow- 10 weeks!!! It has flown by. This being my 3rd pg, my tummy seems to have popped out so early. In the mornings I am pretty small, but at night it is huge. What is that all about?? Do I just retain everything I drink all day? Weird.

    Hope everything is doing well. I'd love to hear more updates. Maybe we should do a thread every Mon. for everyone to update. That way we could all keep up on what's going on.

    Belly Rubs to all!!!


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    How exciting!! I can't WAIT to get out shopping for some new maternity clothes! A couple pairs of my jeans are a *little* tight around the waist, but I'm not near ready to move into maternity clothes yet!
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    Me too!! I went to Motherhood and got some jean capris. It seems like just today, I just popped. Even dh commented on it! Guess b/c I'd just been pg, my body went, "Oh! I remember what this is about! Pooch!!" I'm mostly in maternity bottoms, mainly for comfort. If the waistbands are tight, my nausea gets worse. Are you planning on getting a new maternity wardrobe or mostly using your previous things?

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    I just turned 8 weeks today and I have noticed that my clothes are getting tight. This is my 1st PG so I don't know what my excuse is. I have always been heavy, but it seems that fat is turning hard so I can't squish it around like before!

    I am definitely going to need new bras in the next week or so. I have always been well endowed, but man these puppies have a mind of thier own lately! DH thinks they are great, but I told him he could look but not touch! Which is really sad since he leaves for Iraq in the next few weeks for 4-5 months.

    Take Care


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