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Cautiously joining and hoping to stay!

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    Smile Cautiously joining and hoping to stay!

    I'm so surprised to be here! Hi, Jodi and Lindsay! I guess I've made it all the way from the LA bb. My pg so far: my first beta was 551 after a + hpt. Five days later, my beta had jumped to 5,345! Today, I had my first u/s, and my ob saw the yolk sac in the uterus (a good thing considering my ectopic history). He says that I'm measuring 5w which is small compared to my betas and guesstimated conception time. This makes me a little nervous, but he had me measuring a week behind my last pregnancy (u/s specialist that I saw had me dated me a week ahead of my ob). Soooo anyway...I'm a little freaked out about two little ones 14 months and under, but I'm so happy to be here too. Hope we all have smooth, uneventful pregnancies, and I look forward to getting to know all of you better.

    BTW, we're buying and renovating a house (closing next week), and I signed up to do the weekly PTA newsletter for Brenham's school for 2005-2006 so I guess I'll be doing one heck of a juggling act!

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    Welcome, welcome, welcome!! I'm so glad to see you over here! That's wonderful that you've already seen the sac- hopefully things will progress perfectly from here on out!

    Good luck with the house!
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    WELCOME!!!! That is such great news!! I can't believe that we are all here together. Just so you know, my beta's were fairly high also and when I thought I was 6 weeks, I was only 5 wks. We saw the gestational sac at 5 weeks and then at 6 weeks saw the heartbeat. I'm guessing they're right about the dating, since I knew I was guessing about my last AF.

    Are you going in soon to look for the heartbeat? I'm sure you'll feel better once you see that. Can you believe we are going to have 3 kids??!!!! I remember when I never thought I'd have one.



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    Congratulations on your pregnancy. I look forward to getting to know you as well as the others here.
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