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I am so nervous... I dont think I cant stand the wait

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    I am so nervous... I dont think I cant stand the wait

    Hello all,

    I am so nervous as I am sure everyone on this board is. The last 4 pg I have had have all ended in M/C with two healthy pg before that. This little bean is a natural cycle so I am not exactly positive when I O'd. Anyhow first beta around 11-13 dpo was 95, two days later 261, three days later 938. I know I should be excited but I just am terrified something will happen again. With the 4 previous M/C the betas were really low for three and the fourth started low but doubled up until the 300's and then bleeding and M/C.
    I guess I was just curious if anyone else was in the same boat with previous M/C's. Next Beta is Thursday which seems like Eternity!
    Thanks for the ear,

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    Welcome and CONGRATS!!! It is so hard in the beginning!!! Every blood draw you are just praying for that good phone call. I am pg with my 3rd. My first two were IVF with a chemical pg in between. My beta's for the chemical stopped climbing very early on and then dropped all together. This pg is a natural SURPPRISE miracle for us so like you I am not sure of my dates. I have had 3 beta's and an u/s so far and am still feeling like you. I go tomorrow for my 2nd u/s and hopefully we will see a heartbeat. The first u/s only showed the gestational sac.

    It's so hard not to worry but it is so out of our hands. Your betas look great so stay positive and join the club!!! I don't think alot of us will truly relax until that baby is in our arms. And then, a whole new set of worries start!!!



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