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IUI Success Stories (Please Share!)

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    IUI Success Stories (Please Share!)

    Let's share our IUI success stories!!!

    Please include:

    1. How many IUIs did you do before getting your BFP cycle?
    2. How many mature follicles did you have? Sizes at trigger?
    3. What were your sperm counts & motility post-wash?
    4. How many inseminations did you do for the BFP cycle?
    5. What were the timing (hours after trigger or surge) of those IUI's for your BFP cycle?
    6. What medications were you using & dosage, if any?
    7. What day past trigger (for consistency) did you get your BFP?
    8. Did you have implantation spotting?
    9. First Beta number(s)?
    10. If you know yet, how many babies?
    11. Any other advice during the 2WW or symptoms that helped you know this was "the" cycle?

    All information you give is so wonderful to read, so please, tell us the full version of the IUI cycle you got pregnant on!

    Congratulations to each and every one of you on your pregnancy and children via IUI!

    Please no chit chat. If you need to ask another member a question about there cycle, please open another thread.
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    DH Mike
    DS Jacob Bryce - 12/17/2000

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    GOODY!! I get to be the first one.
    Let me tell you a little story, well it will be long hehehehe so sit and enjoy.
    I go to a military facility so they do IUIs and the IVF is a waiting list for a year. After 5clomid/IUIs cycles I was not getting pg I asked for a lap in march 2002. They found nothing. My machinery was in tip top shape
    I was on the waiting list since january of this year and if my calculations were right, I would have been starting IVF in dec. Well I decided to start taking herbs (vitex, a fertility blend, black cohosh root), prenatals, zinc and B-complex. In may I decided to add to the concotion l'arginine which I heard from the IVF bb that helps with egg quality. In July I get a call that I have to do a saline sonogram to prep myself for IVF. SO I go and lo and behold they find a polyp. HOW EXciting!! Something finally showed up which explaned why we were not getting pg. So in august I was suppose to do the hysteroscopy. Got my yucky BCPs to start once AF arrived. I decide not to even OPK cuz I was so gearing up for the hysteroscopy. So cd13 shows up of my cycle and decide to BMS to clean dh's 'pipes' CD15 shows up and we decide to BMS, but poor dh did not finish. FOr once, I wasnt upset at all with him. I didnt mind not BMSing the rest of the cycle. Well friday cd29 comes and goes. I get the cramps and my hard boobs and nothing. I thought AF would be here for sure in the weekend. Weekend past. Monday started having VEEEEEERY mild back ache pains AND no AF. I told myself the witch is mega teasing me big time. I was thinking for sure she will be here. Well tuesday night I kinda panic and decide to rush and buy an HPT. Wed morning comes. Bright and early I decided to do it. I chickened out tons of times hehehehe but it was time. I WAS SOOOOOOOO nervous that I aimed wrong!! The stupid HPT had NO LINE. It was invalid. I started laughing my butt off. I thought "what the heck is going on here". SO I told myself to dip the HPT on the toilet bowl. HECK That thing is invalid anyway. LO AND BEHOLD I SEE A FAINT LINE!!! The happiest day of my life. I couldnt believe my diluted pee on the toilet bowl would do the trick. ((If that ever happens to you, telling you that the pee in the toilet bowl might help)). I still type this and cant believe it.
    I have seen sooo many ladies getting pg on cancelled cycles or taking a break it gave me so much hope. I really wanted to be one of those ladies to be able to type an amazing story. Well, here I am typing it for you.
    There is light at the end of the tunnel. You will never know how long is that tunnel but you just have to keep the faith that it will happen.
    SandyG (proud Army SAHW/M/FM)
    My one and only miracle was with God's help while waiting to start IVF#1. Prayers DO work!!
    He arrived April 13, 2003 at 7lbs 11.3oz and 20in long!!! At 4mo. he weighs 15.12lb and 25.5in. long. At 6mo. he is 17.10lb and 27in. long.
    Thanks MercyandGrace, Kirby thanked for this post
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    Smile My story..

    Hi ladies,

    Well, after DH and I had been married for several years and traveled to places we wanted to see we decided it was time to have a baby. So around April of 1995 I got off the pill. We had planned our last big trip to Europe so even though I was off the pill we weren't officially TTC (didn't want it to interfere with our 2 week trip).

    So basically we started TTC in October of 1995.

    In May of 1996 I found out that I was pregnant. I had been taking my BBT and charting so along with the high temps and +HPT we were excited to be pg! Unfortunately, my temps started to fall and I started spotting.....it was a blighted ovum. I was devasted but tried to be positive. I knew that early m/c's were not unusal. Anyway, I figured we would get pg again within the next few months. (Ha!)

    So to try to shorten the story, after a year of TTC I went to see my Ob/Gyn who began the usual tests. DH first SA was low, so he stopped taking meds for his discoid lupus (antimalarials may impair male fertility) and was retested 3 months later. He was good to go!

    Fast forward to July of 1999. I had a lap, HSG, Hysteroscoy and a D&C (come to find out later, the theory of "cleaning you out" with a D&C is old school thinking and I didn't need it. Although it didn't do any harm. ) I was dx'd with Stage 2 endo and most of it was removed. My Ob wanted me to go on Lupron and I decided to get a second opinion from an RE!

    So in September of 1999 I saw the RE (whom I absolutely adore)!
    He did one month of natural cycle tests (b/w, u/s, etc).
    He decided to have me start Clomid/IUIs.

    We were successful on our first Clomid/IUI in October!!
    I would eventually find out that I was having a baby girl!

    Riley Kate Watson was born on August 11, 1999!
    She just turned 2 this month!

    SOOOOOOOO, now I am back TTC#2.
    I have already had my second lap (Stage 2 endo AGAIN! Even though I b/f and stayed on the pill to help slow it down....it didn't work completely)

    I am now in the 2ww of my 4th IUI (1st one after lap) and my first month on Repronex. Whew! That is my story!

    My prayers go out to everyone here at FT!

    me 34, DH 36
    DD Riley- 4 yo
    DD Linsey 1.5 yo
    Both IUI miracles!
    1 angel in May '98 (blighted ovum)
    1 angel in September '02 (chemical)
    1 angel in June '04 (blighted ovum)

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    OK....to pipe in with my story....I went off the pill in 1994 so we've be "unofficially" trying for 8 years. In April 2000, I went to my OB/GYN, told her that we wanted to get pg and how long we'd been trying. She ran some preliminary b/w and found out that I have hypothroidism which can cause IF.

    FIRST we had to get the thyroid under control....took about 6 months for that to really happen. I then went back to the OB/GYN the next year after the thyroid was under control and she did some more b/w and a sa. This bw showed that I hadn't ovulated and DH sa came back a little boardline. So she referred us to our RE and our first appt. was July 2001. We did an HSG which showed everything to be working ok and we started on Clomid/IUI. The first round of 50mg didn't do the trick and we had to abort the cycle. The next month of 100mg worked like a charm and we proceeded with the IUI. That didn't work so we did 2 more cycles of Clomid/IUI. When neither of those worked, my RE did a Lap (because of my painful cramps....she suspected endo.) but the Lap came back fine....nothing but a uterine fibroid which wasn't imparing anything at all. So we did another round of clomid/IUI and when that didn't work it was onto injectables.

    We started out with Follistim/dIUI and I ended up with a LPD (so that cycle was a bust). The next cycle we did Follistim/dIUI and then added in 100mg of Prog. 2x/day. Fixed the LPD but no PG. So we did another cycle of Follistim/dIUI/Prog. About 3 days before my pg test, I started getting backaches and cramping and told DH and my family that we weren't pg. I even planned on going out drinking with friends that Wed. after we got the results. I was so sure that I almost didn't even go in for the b/w. I called later that afternoon just to verify things and got the shock of my life....we were pg! With the cramping and back pain I was 200% sure that it was going to be negative. As it happens, the cramping and backaches are just now starting to go away (I'm 7 weeks).

    My first beta (16 days past HCG trigger shot) my HCG levels were 198 and my prog. levels were 58.6. I was really excited but worried about whether the numbers would double like they're supposed to. Since my prog. level was so high, my RE took me off the prog. cold turkey. My second beta (23 dpHCG), my HCG levels were 5000 and my prog was 114. So the numbers are looking good so far, but I won't breathe easier completely until I see the little one's heartbeat. We have our first u/s next week and we'll find out how many and hopefully see that heart!

    I guess the one thing that I can say is never give up.....and don't focus too much on symptoms. The months that I thought for sure I was pg, I wasn't and the one month I was positive I wasn't pg I turned out to be! Anything can happen and you just have to keep the faith.

    Good luck to everyone.

    2+ years TTC #1
    5 Clomid Cycles / 4 Failed IUIs
    2 Failed Follistim/HCG/dIUI/Prog
    3rd Follistim/HCG/dIUI/Prog - ++++!
    EDD - April 30th

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    Our Story

    Dh had been married before and because of that we knew about his low count when we married. We never tried to prevent a pregancy (I've actually never been on the pill in my life). DH had a varricocele repair done in July of 1996. We tried two IUIs but they were unmedicated and poorly monitored. We then found out his insurance would cover fertilty treatments up to $5,000. So, we found new doctors and tried IVF in July of 1997. It was a failure. We tried IVF again in April 1998. Another failure. Since IVF had been our 'worst case scenario' for treatment, we were devestated to be beyond the worse case scenario. What do you do then?

    We took some time off of tx and ended up moving to another state- mostly because dh would make more money there and we could keep trying. We decided to do donor sperm and did two DIUI cycles with clomid which again were poorly monitored. I had joined an e-mail list for those going through DIUI during this time. I was reading the post-thaw counts some of the women posted about their donors and realized that my dh often had counts in the same ranges. I decided I was giving up too soon.

    I was able to get some pergonal very cheaply from someone who did not need her leftovers. Bless her heart! We did a superovulated IUI cycle in November of 1999 using dh's sperm. It wasn't supposed to work but it did! I had a tough pg and the twins were born 11 weeks early. Logan weighed in at 2 lbs. 10 oz. and Bethany was just 2 lbs. I am now happy to say they are active, normal 2 year olds. We are hoping to get Baby #3 via IUI soon. Good luck everyone.
    Mom to twins Logan & Bethany

    1996- 2 natural IUI's- failed
    DH had varicocele repair
    1997- IVF# 1- FAILED
    1998- IVF#2- FAILED
    1999- IUI #1 w/ Injectables- SUCCESS! TWINS! 06/04/00

    2002- TTC#3, IUI#1 w/ clomid & injectibles- Singleton EDD 6/26/03

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    I'd love to share my story with you all...I hope it gives people hope and inspiration to never give up!

    My DH and I started to TTC shortly after our wedding in Jan. 2001. After 6 months of no success, I decided to see my OB/GYN. He decided to do a post-coital test on us. After 2 post-coital tests showed up with nothing (no sperm in CM). He ordered an SA on my DH, 2 different SA's came back with zero sperm. The urologist told us our only hope of having a baby was donor sperm or adoption. We were absolutely devastated, but my DH immediately said that he wanted to go through donor sperm. I thought it'd be best if we seek a second opinion and so we went to the NYC Cornell Medical Ctr. They did genetic tests on my DH and found him to have a genetic abnormality which is was born with called Klinefelter's Syndrome. Our only hope to have a baby was to aspirate sperm, do ICSI with IVF...and also do PGD (Pre-genetic diagnosis) to make sure the embryos didn't have what my DH has. This all costs 30K. And our chances were slim to even find sperm. We decided to sit out TTC for about 6 months to think about what we wanted to do. After our TAB time, we decided on using donor, we picked out a donor and my OB/GYN said he could do the IUI's. The first IUI I did with him was a bust, because he based it on calendar days and my cycles weren't dependable. The second cycle I insisted on using an OPK. So after I detected my surge I went in the next day for the IUI...we were unsuccessfull with that cycle as well. I got tired of seeing my Dr., I had a feeling he didn't know what he was doing. So I decided to go to an RE, and it was the best decision of my life. He immediately put me on Clomid (50mg) because of my slight irregular periods, they ranged form 32-39 days. And I was being monitored via u/s and b/w. My first cycle trying with him was a success!

    I am so grateful that we had a choice on how to conceive a child. Because no matter how my child was conceived medically...it was purely conceived out of Love....and I thank God everyday for this blessing he gave me.

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    You would think I could remember everything about my successful iui, but it seems like a million years ago, even though it was just 2 years ago. Our successful IUI was with follistim/hcg and progesterone in oil shots for two weeks after iui followed by progesterone suppositories until 14 weeks. I totally did not believe that it was going to work and didn't even think I was pg.

    We had 3 first trimester m/c and lost quads at 17 weeks and several surgeries, etc. before finally having dd Anna who is 16 months old. My pg. with Anna was totally crazy, with several months on bedrest.

    We are getting ready to start trying for living bio. #2. I go in on Monday for screen u/s and if all goes well start meds again on Tues. Hoping Sept. 2002 is as lucky as Sept. 2000 was since that was when I got pg. with Anna!

    Good luck to all,
    mom to
    Anna born 4/26/01 at 33 wks
    Lora born 6/1/01 and adopted 8/12/02 from China
    Thomas b/d 11/13/99, Jon, Ashley & Maggie b/d 11/4/99 at 17 wks and three little angels 11/96, 1/98 & 6/00

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    Here's one for all the low SC couples out there. After going through the pain of a HSG which the HMO made me do before my dh was even tested, he was found to have a low count (under 1 mil) Given our choices, we decided to try at least a few cycles of 100mg clomid, hcg injection, and IUI. On the day of the IUI the RE came out and told us that the count was only 500,000. I had read up on some studies and saw that our chances were under 1% with that low of a count. So I was mentally prepared to get AF and even started to feel PMS symptoms. I called the RE during the 2ww and told him that I thought we should go ahead and try IVF for the next month. He said that he would draw blood for getting AIDS test the same day he would draw for my preg. test. So I went into the office all depressed. Later that day at work my RE called to say "You're pregnant" and my first reaction was "You're kidding me!" His reply was "Do you think I would kid you about this." I just couldn't believe it. Our miracle happened! I decided to wait until dh got home from work to tell him. I went to a book store and picked out a book for him on how to be a good daddy. Then on my way home I saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky. Most people wouldn't really think this was anything unusual, but it was February in Chicago and any Chicagoan can tell you it is a VERY rare event. When my dh came home I didn't say anything, but handed him the book. He looked at me and was totally confused. He finally realized that the smile on my face was there for a reason. Then he told me he saw the most unusual thing on the way home from work... a rainbow in February.

    My little guy is turning 2 this October and hopefully he'll have a little brother or sister soon. I just finished 2 IUI cycles and now have to wait for some residuals before my next attempt.

    May all of you find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!
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    Our Story

    Gosh, where to begin..make yourself comfortable...

    DH and I began dating in December '94. I was pregnant in January '95. We were married in March. Jessica was born in November. I was 29. No conception problem there. We started trying for #2 around December of '97....figuring we'd be pregnant pretty quickly.

    Well, when I turned 33, I decided it was time to get help. We got a referrel to an RE, made an appt., met with him - I was to call them on cd1 and we'd begin testing. Well, I never even knew how long my cycles were and thought one day that it had 'been a while' - maybe I should test. It was positive. A day later I was spotting. Another day later I was in my doctor's office hearing 'this is not viable' - we need to do a d&c. My beta was around 30,000. I was devastated.

    I waited for cd1 and went into the RE. He did b/w and an u/s. Found that I had a cyst and my cd3 FSH was right around 10 (can't remember exactly). I freaked out - thought we'd never have another baby - that my body was old before it's time. My RE was soooo unhelpful. I still call him Dr. doom. He ordered a clomid challenge test because of my 'borderline fsh'. I thought for sure I'd fail and he'd tell me we'd have no chance. I made my dh stay home on the day the results were due so I wouldn't have to hear the 'bad news'. Well, I passed with flying colors but I was soooo distraught, that I sat out the rest of that cycle. Clomid really does nasty things to me emotionally and physically (headaches, nausea).

    Waited for cd1. Next was the HSG. Well, I was convinced I would fail that too...but, passed - all was clear. We went on with that cycle on 150 mg clomid/IUI (dh had superhuman sperm count at 100 million plus). We had 2 follicles. No pregnancy. This was our second clomid cycle. Our RE only allows 3 before moving on to injectibles which was a huge problem for us because dh was petrified of having multiples.

    cd1 rolls around and the u/s revealed a large left over follicle (cyst) - so, I was 'benched'. We went about trying on our own that month and when af was one day late, I tested and saw a very faint line. Went in for beta next day. It was a whopping 8. AF started later that day. :-( I was devastated again.

    cd1 again...it is now december 1999. I decided to add baby aspirin (1 a day, every day) starting on cd1. We did 150mg clomid, cd5-9. On cd12, I went in for u/s and b/w. My E2 was around 1500 and I had 6-7 mature follicles - double any previous cycle. The u/s technician asked if I was on injectibles because clomid rarely produces such a response. We triggered that night and went in for IUI the next morning, and the morning after that. DH's count was pretty consistant around 100+mil. The nurse doing the IUI's told me 'not to blame her if we had twins'. I remember thinking - just let there be one. Well, Christmas rolled around towards the end of the 2ww. My step sister was 4 months pg with her second (having barely finished delivering her first). I was soooo depressed - convinced again that we would never have another baby. I still remember where I was on Dec. 30, 1999 when the phone rang at 3:05. My beta results were due in by 3:00 that day but rarely do they call. Often times the results aren't in until 5:00 and I call in to a recorded message (how cold the IF world is!). I picked up the phone, the nurse asks me if I like pickles and milk yet? She told me my beta was 38. It was a Friday (I think). I was to come in on Monday for a second beta. The numbers shot up pretty quickly. When I went in for my first u/s at 5 weeks - we saw twins! Unfortunately, one reabsorbed by the next u/s at 6 weeks. It wasn't a completely uneventful pregnancy (had to do an amnio, but that's a whole nother story!). Sarah was born Sept. 9, 2000.

    We are done building our family. IF changed me in ways I can't even explain. I wish everyone going through it the very best.


    mom of Jessica 11/16/95
    mom of Sarah 9/9/2000

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    I agree with how much of the particulars you forget don't get me wrong... You never forget the feeling or how blessed that you truely are.

    God DOES do miracles. I am sitting here with one baby sleeping on my lap and another kicking his perfect little feet in his swing.

    PCOS dx at 15
    Male factor
    slight endo
    2 endo biops
    3 clomid BMS
    tried herbs
    4 clomid HSG progesterone IUI's
    1 canceled cyst cycle
    1 canceled Gonal F cycle

    I would skip years on my period and was told that I would have trouble conceiving naturally but there was a pill that I could take to eleviate the problem. I would ask my gyn about this when I married but was told that I should waite to talk about it till I wanted kids, that I was young.

    When I first consulted RE we were told IVF with ICSI, we were young and did not have coverage so I thought we would wait and continue to try on our own. I ordered that "majic" little pill on the internet and used it for several cycles. It gave me hope since I was getting a period. I thought I was pg 2x and even showed DH a positive home test at work. I believe I mc even though the gyn who didnt know I was illegally using clomid said my beta's were negative... later I believed that the numbers were just less than 5.

    I had hope when we began IUI's Dh wasnt really sure about this route (he was nervous about being a parent). I was so very excited to be proactive. I put Dh on prenatal viatimins and his count increased with each IUI. His count improved so drastically the nurses asked what I had done to him

    We had frustrating and disapointing IUI's, even the perfect cycle failed. I hated having to take BCP for cysts. My best therapy was trying to help others. I was excited to try injectables.

    I had so much hope for the next cycle. Shots in my belly, sono's and bloodwork constantly...always having to act preg. and take such precautions for nothing. I was in such dispair. The doc said that I was going to O prematurely. I was feeling that because I had High LH from the PCOS that I was probably OK. He brought me in again confirmed that I was Oing while the eggs were too small and he canciled my cycle. He said that the first time is really a test and that lupin would fix it. The nurse called and said to BMS anyway to make us feel like it was less of a waist but that chances are it wouldnt work. We BMSed that night DH didnt ejaculate and stopped because I was crying and so very upset.

    The doc's office called the next day I wasnt home, the blood work came back that I didn't O. I couln't get back in touch with them . It was too late. I had gone out to try to forget TTC and some of the pain and missed the call. The next day at the office they tried to blame it on me saying that I should have come for a sono the day before. I made the nurse check the records and proved that I followed their instructions to a T. I was mad, that my tests were misinterpreted (not taking into account my DX), I was mad that the doc acted like the cycle being scrapped was no big deal, I felt betrayed and left out and alone by my body. Only two more cycles left on insurance, no more money in savings...

    I had my RX filled and was waiting on my AF. I was SOOO PMSy. At my next RE appointment. The Doc kept on asking what was wrong I said PMS. My period wouldn't come....I had 3 thousand dollars worth of med's sitting there crampy PMSing and my broken body had failed yet again...I couldn't even get a period like a normal women.

    That was it I had enough I was taking a HPT calling my RE and demanding provera to get my period , and I WAS not going to put myself though yet another BETA and the lab people asking aout a possible pg just so I could get the drug to get AF---not this time. I took the HPT and sarcastically said "God if this one is positive well really know that you still do miracles"

    I felt non of the excitment you normally feel, I disparagingly looked down to see the pinkest line you ever did see.

    I feel compelled to tell my story... I am BLESSED to be the mommy to two wonderful twin boys. Yes twins!!! The RE missed one of them on two seprate sonograms, a tech found them at 18 weeks. I didn't believe her until I saw both babies on the screen. Now I hold them in my arms. Don't give up, God really does still do miracles!!!
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