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How many iui's with ds is average?

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    How many iui's with ds is average?

    I've been lurking on these boards for the past 6 years... DH had a vasectomy after his 2nd child (with first wife) which now is @28years ago. I am 32 and went through 2 ivf/icsi cycles about 3 years ago, both negative. For the past year, we have been trying iui with donor sperm and my 2 attempts have failed. I had laproscopy last June, a tiny fibroid was found and a small amount of endo. was removed, Dr. wasn't overly concerned. First iui attempt was in Sept. with Clomid, and didn't work. Started a cycle in Oct. with Gonal F, and progressed too quick (didn't even have ds delivered yet) and had to cancel cycle. Last cycle was in Nov., only had one decent follicle...cylcle didn't work. In the process of this cycle, they found a small polyp. Had that removed by D&C in Feb. I'm still waiting to get my period, since I never got one in Jan., if I don't have one by tuesday I will have to go on provera. But, I guess what I was wondering is... how many cylces does it normally take to get pg. with iui and ds? I only have 2 cycles left that will be covered on my insurance and am feeling kind of pressured and discouraged that my chances are little to none. I'd appreciate any feedback on iui and ds that anyone has.

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    Statistically speaking, 4 "good response" cycles is what I have read. This means between 3-4 follicles, good timing on sperm, good sperm count etc.

    I can really relate to your post, as we have been through 5+ and only have one that is considered a "good cycle", due to cysts, DH sperm count, my response, etc. Everytime one of us has a good month, the other does not. We have been going at this forever, it feel likes, and one one "good cycle"........

    You insurance only covers a certain number.... how much more pressure do you need!!

    Any chance in reversing your DHs procedure??

    Good luck.......

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    We also are doing dIUIs and are on our second cycle with injectibles. We also tried one cycle with Clomid but I did not respond well to the Clomid. This cycle has been good in terms of having 3 mature follies and good lining so I am hoping and praying for a BFP.

    I have come to beleive that dIUI is all about timing since the thawed sperm lives for such a short amount of time, which is why it sometimes takes several "good"cycles. Even though it is more costly, we are going to do an IUI at 18 and then again at 36 hours in hopes that this approach will cover the egg release better. I will let you know what happens!! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as I definitely will do for you! Kelly

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