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Day 3 baseline u/s results...yeah!!!!

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    Day 3 baseline u/s results...yeah!!!!

    I am so surprised and excited!! For the first time ever after a cycle I HAVE NO CYSTS!!!! Yeah for me!!!! So, I get to start in again right away, no waiting around for a month. I was so surprised!! While the tech was doing the u/s I saw a huge black blob on the screen, so I assumed it was a huge leftover cyst, and she looks at me and says, wow you have one full bladder!! When she told the nurse in the room that I was all clean I just about fell off the table, I just totally assumed that I would be benched this month, as I always have been before. So, needless to say I am taking this as a sign, that this month is meant to be. And my lining looked really good too, it was 6mm today. And my RE is bringing my Follistim back up to 150 (the first cycle I was at 150 and I almost overstimmed, then this last cycle she brought me down to 75 and I stimmed really slow and only had 1 or 2 good follies). So, we'll see how I do this time back on 150. I would rather have a bunch of viable follies then just 1 or 2 (DH and I are totally okay with multiples, we would be overjoyed to be pg with triplets!!). So, I will start the injectibles tonight and I go back on Sunday morning for an u/s and b/w to see how things are progressing. Can you all tell how excited I am!! Gosh you would think I just got the news that I was pg or something!

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    So glad you have good news. We're cycle buddies this month, I'm on CD4 and starting my clomid tonight. Here's to hoping for a great month!!!

    Me 39, DH 51
    "Teddy" 1/15/07 after 4 long years of waiting and praying. The apple of my eye, the beating of my heart. I still can't believe I'm a Mama!

    Faith is a living, daring confidence in God's grace, so sure and certain that a man could stake his life on it a thousand times. Martin Luther

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    Hi Monica. I'm so glad to hear the great news for you. Did you have many follies last cycle? I know from my experience that when I have lots of follies, I have to sit out the following cycle. When I only have a few, I'm usually good to go right away the next month.

    I'm also on Follistim. My first cycle they started my dose too high, and I almost overstimmed also. From then on, they start me at 108, and I stay at that for 3 days, then they drop me to 75 for the rest of the cycle. That usually gives me nice steady follicle growth.

    Good luck with your cycle, hopefully you'll have lots of good follies this time around.


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    Good luck

    ttc #2 on the bench until spring
    Dd 6 yo
    Dd LID April 19/06
    Just remember - if the world didn't suck, we would all fall off.

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    Heres to a great cycle!!
    Good Luck!
    Me (31) DH (29)
    DH-severe MF
    2-03 IVF#1 m/c
    3-03 IVF#2 BFN

    moving on to DIUI

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