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Leaking Sperm

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    Leaking Sperm

    I am sure this has been covered before, but I just had my IUI and I feel like the sperm is leaking out. Is this possible?

    If so, how much is need for a successful IUI and what can be done so that this does not happen agin

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    When I had my first cylce of IUI (both days), I too thought I was leaking. From everything I read, it is my understanding that once they inject the sperm into the cervix, it does not come out. The "discharge" is probably cervix mucas that was loosened during the procedure. The 2nd clycle doing IUI, I had no discharge. This morning was my 3rd cycle (or 5th IUI) and I have had no discharge. I will have the 2nd IUI for this cycle tomorrow.

    I completely appreciate your concern. It is very frustrating when you don't know and/or understand what is going on.

    Good luck!

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    I have been told the same as ItzMe. The amount of the speciment is too small by the time they spin and wash it that it can't drip out.
    I get lots of discharge after, emember your body is ovulating so it is preparing your vagina and cervix for intercourse so it is very "wet". Sorry probably TMI.

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    I just had my IUI yesterday. My RE told me I may see some fluid but not to worry. I didn't actually notice any. Just a little spotting because they had to pinch my uterus. I was prepared for that however as the RE had warned me.
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