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Help please - period just before IUI?

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    Help please - period just before IUI?

    My wife and I haven't been able to get in touch with the doctor, but something strange is happening.

    We went in yesterday (CD12) for blood work and scan. Doctor said "excellent response to clomid." She has six eggs sized 12-14. Doctor said to come back CD14 and plan on triggering and coming back for the IUI on CD15.

    Then yesterday evening my wife got sore breasts, started spotting and now has a full blown period. She says she typically never has spotting. She also said nothing with the scan proceducre was uncomfortable or seemed to cause a problem. This is her second cycle on clomid (same 100 mg dose) and she had no complications last time.

    Anyone have a similar experience or advice?? Thanks in advance.


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    Sorry can't help you. That is weird. Did they do blood work yesterday? I really can't explain it unless it is heavy bleeding from the cervix but that would be from trauma and dw would have felt it. Does she have cysts or erosions on her cervix? I have a cyst in my cervix that sometimes gives me bloody, mucousy discharge with scans. But not heavy enough to be considered a period.
    Sorry I can't help this whole process sucks because there are so many things that happen that are unexplainable.

    Hope your doctor has an answer and it doesn't blow the cycle.

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    You said second cycle, so did they do an u/s between CD1-3 to check for cysts from last cycle? The only thing I can think of is that you had a cysts burst, and that will start your cycle early. I have not heard of one rupturing that early though, so very strange. Did they look between CD1-3?

    I had cysts from last cycle that were about 5.5mm, and they said if I would have started follism this month, they would have ruperted. Sorry, not to scare you, but it is pretty serious, so you need to be seen right away.

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    I'm sorry I don't have any answers, I just wanted to say I hope everything turns out ok.


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