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Has anyone taken progestrone 100mg suppositories to raise their progestrone level up

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    Question Has anyone taken progestrone 100mg suppositories to raise their progestrone level up

    My name is margaret " Princess fairy" , i have a question i tested positive on a blood pregnancy test. But, i have a really low progestrone level and my beta # is low. My doctor started me taking progestrone 100 mg suppositories twice a day starting today. I go back wednesday at 7:45 a.m. for another blood pregnancy test and progestrone level test. And my dr's nurse said wednesday they will know if my pregnancy will hold or not. Has anyone been in the same situation as i'm in right now. And do the suppositories really help your progestrone level go up higher?? If anyone has experienced this same problem please reply!!! Or even email me at crbmab2000@aol.com

    Princess fairy

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    Sorry - about your situation ... Right after my IUI I was given the Prog 100mg to take one time a day and when or if I get a positive test ... I will go to 2x a day. I was told by my RE that in some cases the Prog ... is enough to help a woman support her PG - and that at times a woman will take it for the first trimester ...

    Hope this helps!


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    I have never had a low progesterone but since I have the occasional short luteal phase (af comes too soon after the IUI) I take 100mg suppositories twice a day.
    My doctor said it won't increase my blood levels of progesterone but will "bathe the uterus in progesterone" making it easier for my body to sustain a pg.
    I hope your beta goes up and your bean settles in for a nice long stay.
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    I take progesterone also as soon as I ov to help with my progestrone. I actually dont have a problem my levels is always high, but my RE still wants me on 100 twice a day. I hope that your beta goes up. Please keep us posted!! :stickyvib

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