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New info at consult today (pg & baby ment)

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    Post New info at consult today (pg & baby ment)

    Hi all,

    I just got back from consult with new doc. I wanted to compare his info with my current doc. We found out some new & interesting info about dh. Dh has had 2 hernia operations, 1st one at age 5 and 2nd one at age 18. Well, apparently this is the reason his #'s are below average at 20 million. Dr said that 50 million is average. Wow, we actually are fighting age factor on my side and low sperm count on his side. Our dd is truly a miracle baby.

    We had lots of questions and we were impressed with dr's knowledge and straightforwardness. Basically, I have a 7% chance of success w/ iui and 25-30% chance of success w/ IVF. The fact that I have a successful pg from iui increases my chances of success by 5%. The cost seemed to be just as much or a little more at this office than at my current office.

    We will have consult with our current re next Tue and compare notes. We will then decide whether or not we will pursue more iui's or shift gears and move to IVF.

    Thanks for "listening". I just feel so much better that we have a game plan in place. God help us all in this IF battle.

    Cheryl & John ~Audrey Olivia born 3/19/04~

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    I hope that whatever happens - it brings you success. Both my DH and I have thought about IVF -actually my DH prefers IVF over adoption.

    But the closet place to where I live - would be at least a three hour drive (maybe more).

    Good luck


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    Hi Cheryl -

    Very interesting! You are sounding quite positive, I am glad you have some answers. It is definitely a hard choice but hopefully in the end it will all work out for you. Please let us know how the next appointment goes.

    We are routing for you!!!


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