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IUI This morning

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    IUI This morning

    I forgot how humiliating this procedure is. For some reason it feels different than IVF. With IVF you are in a dark room, they play relaxing music and the RE does the procedure.

    IUI, you're in stirrups in a bright room and the nurse does it. I hate that!!! It's so clinical.

    IUI went fairly smooth, though. The nurse couldn't get the speculum in right so she had to page the RE... it was a little bit painful but well worth it if it works!

    Now I'm in the 2ww. Depending on if I have to do a booster of HCG I plan on home testing as early as possible!!!


    Me 35/DH 37
    ttc #1 for 3 long years
    Dx: Male Factor (vas reversal) and Elevated NK Cells

    7/02-IUI w/Clomid cd5-9 - BFN
    2/03-IUI w/Clomid cd5-9 Chemical 4/04-4/04 - IVF#1 - BFN
    10/04-IVF #2 - BFP - Chemical
    1/05 - IVF #3 - Converted to IUI 2/3 BFN
    5/05 - IVF #3 - Currently stimming

    Mom to Wrigley and Soldier- My furbabies
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    Good luck Jen!!

    The IUI is very clinical and weird, I agree, although I have not done IVF. We always joke afterwards about the romantic nature of it--ha ha.

    I hope your 2ww goes by fast and gives you a BFP!


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    I'm not sure how my clinic performs their IVF's, but both of my IUI's were very quick and performed by an RE.
    Mine literally must have taken 15 seconds from the moment she started.
    They didn't dim the lights either.

    Whenever I get my u/s, they always have very dim lights. I suppose that's supposed to make you feel more comfortable -- afterall, having a big flood-light shining on your private isn't awkward at all.

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