Hi everyone, im looking to come to the US for IVF+ PGS and i'v narrowed it down to 2 clinics- CCRM / RMA NJ. I want a clinic that has expertise and experience in

- working with older population (im 39)
- Working with difficult cases( We've had 4 IVF+ PGD with no success) (I also have a genetic issue- balanced translocation+ DH has sperm issues)
- Top PGS embryologists and testing
- Hopefully pioneers in new technology

I need your help with

- Your opinion on CCRM vs RMA NJ
- Which doctor do you recommend I ask for an appointment with for my first consult, at either place. I figured, I would do 1 consult at both places to help me decide.

Thanks ladies, getting on the treatment horse again after a 1.5 years of healing my heart from the pain of failed treatments!