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Another diagnosis in our household...effect on TTC?!

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    Another diagnosis in our household...effect on TTC?!

    Hi all, it’s been a awhile, once again, since I’ve been on here! The last time i posted was in February after I had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Now we have another diagnosis in our household! My husband was diagnosed with diabetes about 2 weeks ago...his blood sugar was 967 when he went into the ER because he passed out and was feeling awful! The doctors think he has probably had it for a few years now. I was doing some research and found that DM can cause low semen volume (which looking back he always had good sperm count but low volumes...with all our IUIs and IVF) and can also cause problems with the DNA of the sperm!
    We have had multiple miscarriages and I’m wondering if the combination of my rheumatoid arthritis and his diabetes could be the cause! I have an appt with my rheumatologist in August and am going to talk to him about going off my mtx and TTC again! I’m thinking about also making an appt at our IVF clinic to see if they think we may have a better chance now with these things under control! We had originally said we would not do IVF again...too expensive and just too “much” in general! But if they think we have a much better chance now...we may be more apt to try again!
    Anyways...sorry for the long post! If anyone has any similar experiences please let me know! Thank you!

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    I don't have any experience with male diabetes, but wanted to say, I'm so glad your husband found out and that he's okay!! I absolutely think it's at least worth a consultation with your fertility doctor to see if your odds of success have improved with this new infomration.
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    My long TTC journey was "unexplained", but I firmly believe it was a combination of female and male factors. My DH is pre-diabetic and had poor morphology and high viscosity. After Traditional Chinese Medicine and western medicine treatments his contribution would improve (temporarily). His only near normal morphology was after treatment for the IVF cycle (the RE specifically treated him). Now that my TTC is past I have a theory that his pre-diabetes contributes to yeast issues. Sigh.

    I am sorry for your hardships ... wishing you both wellness.

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