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Advice Please: IVF will be OOP, .09 AMH, take Ubiquinol for 3 months or try now?

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    Advice Please: IVF will be OOP, .09 AMH, take Ubiquinol for 3 months or try now?


    My husband and i have been trying to have a child for some time now. I just turned 42. My AMH is low - .09 - but my FSH and all other numbers are normal. My RE says to go straight to IVF. Because our health insurance does not coverage any infertility treatments, it has to be out of pocket. This means we have 1 chance. What are your thoughts about trying right away because of my age and low AMH? Or maybe I should try to improve my chances with herbal supplements? I read that taking 300mg of Ubiquinol for 3 months can improve chances of pregnancy. Does anyone have any experience with this?

    Thanks so much in advance and good luck to all that are on these boards!
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    One chance is a tough one. I'm 42 and began my first egg retrieval cycle when I was nearly 41. I did not have low AMH. We were doing IVF due to my husband's vasectomy.

    We were also 100% OOP but were fortunate to be able to afford a multicycle package from Attain IVF.

    My first stimulation cycle yielded an uneven growth of follicles and my RE thought I would not get many eggs. Because of my age (and really for all ages) you will often have some eggs that don't make it and others that are aneuploid. We ended up canceling that cycle mid way through stims and trying another protocol which worked beautifully. I did start taking ubiquinol before the next stim cycle. We paid for the precious visits out of our plan so that it would not impact one of the cycles covered in the package.

    In my 2nd stim cycle I ended up with 28 eggs, 15 fertilized and made it through day1. 7 made it to blastocyst stage. We had them biopsied and of the 7, 4 were chromosomally sound. My first FET resulted in en ectopic pregnancy which was treated with Methotrexate. ***MENTS***My 2nd FET resulted in a healthy pregnancy and I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. ***END MENTS***

    There are likely many who are lucky and one try will work for them. As they say, it only takes one if it's the right one!

    I read It's All About the Egg and had made a number of lifestyle changes prior to starting stims. I also read books about the fertility diet and incorporated as many of the recommendations as possible while I was going through the entire process (and still do today).

    Good luck! The biggest thing I learned is that each step of IVF takes much longer than you might think so time is definitely of the utmost importance at our age.
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