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TTC For #2

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    TTC For #2

    Some background before I go into my question/concern... (first timing posting)

    Back in 2012 my husband and I decided to start TTC for baby #1. I never thought we would have so much heart ache for the next 2 years. After TTC for a year, we decided to see a fertility specialist to see what was going on with us. It was determined that I had unexplained infertility and we started treatment, IUI. After two failed IUI's and my father passing away I surprisingly got pregnant for the first time naturally but miscarried at 12 weeks. It was a devastating time for us, and we decided to then pursue IVF knowing that time wasn't on our side and that this may be our best option. I did get pregnant the fresh cycle, but miscarried at 5 weeks. Then we had a FET, with our 1 frozen embryo... and now I have a beautiful 19 month old son.

    Here we are trying for baby #2. I went to see my OB/GYN when we began trying 4 months ago. She had said that we should try for as long we feel comfortable, she didn't put a time stamp. She did suspect that I may have had a mild case of endometriosis that may have caused our difficulties in the past and though this time around would be a lot easier for us. I have done my very best to remain optimistic that maybe we could have a natural pregnancy... and it be easy peezy... Here we are almost at the 6 month mark where I feel it would be time to see a specialist. I turned 35 in November, and I am worrying like crazy the long it takes/wait, the harder it's going to be to have another child.

    I just really don't know what direction to go at this point. Do I go back to the OB/GYN now and get tested.. go straight to specialist.. try IUI again.. wait longer.. It would be nice to hear from others who have gone through similar experiences to talk me down from this unknown. Thank you in advance!

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    Hi RunF29,

    I am always of the opinion that more knowledge is better. Knowing you needed IVF perviously, I think I would go back to your REI from before and check in. Or may be call/email and see what the fertility clinic suggests if nothing else. Do you have any frozen embryos left? If so, you could straight for an FET appointment with your REI.

    It can't hurt to have an evaluation, if for no other reason than the sheer relief of hearing the specialist say you're doing every thing right.

    Wishing you all the baby dust,

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    Hi, Run! I'm sorry you've found yourself here. Welcome, will share my story.
    I'm 35 yo, type 1 diabetic. Due to the egg quality our dr gave us the tiniest chance of conceiving with own eggs. That was huge heartbreak for both me and my dh. He's always been so extremely supportive and understanding I cannot imagine this way without him.. Well, dh was/is super healthy, his swimmers just perfect, but my eggs --NO. Hardly could I ever think the thing happens to me, a young girl, a sportswoman so on! But one day you just get to know about this and from this very moment your life changes forever. I should say to except the idea of using donor egg wasn't easy and quick for us, for me even longer as I blamed myself I couldn't make my man happy..
    Chatting with ladies on forums did help but not for a long time unless we came across eviternity.org. They offered free consultations in London with their patient coordinator. So we had ours. The woman was passing the treatment herself so was super understanding and helpful. Later we made friends..
    Well, getting closer to the matter.. (Sorry for this long background - just cannot control feelings..) We signed the contract with Ukrainian clinic. Booked 5 shots for 9900 euro, in case of 5 failures they were to refund money paid. We didn't know what to expect with our treatment flow. Have had so many failures before! But were ready we would have had more than just one-two shots. Our donor matching program was completed quite fast. They found a beautiful young lady with proven fertility for us. Then time flew..
    We passed 2 rounds each time placing 2 nice 5-day embies back. Our shot#1 ended with BFN, but another one was a success. Two peas made home inside me. Unfortunately one vanished later and another one survived and developed into a beautiful baby-boy.
    My dear brave lady, you're not new to infertility treatments and this definitely makes sense - I think you should pass this way once more in order to have your second baby. To try naturally and keep on waiting and trying, trying and waiting won't do. You need experts' help again. Another thing is to choose the right route and it's the most difficult part of the journey. I truly believe in your success. Let this another journey bring you well deserved baby#2. Wishing you the best and thanks for reading

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    I gave non-IVF TTC lots of chances and it didn't work out for us... ever. I was so optimistic that it would (ages 31-37). TTC#1 as I prepared for IVF, I did a few "last ditch" natural cycles, one "last ditch" Clomid/IUI and then IVF/FET (age 38). TCC#2 I had a snowbaby waiting so did a few natural cycles, then skipped straight to FET (age 40). Since I waited, I find I am more patient with my children but physically exhausted. Wishing you find your way to meet your next child!
    Sharon, TTC 31-43, now 45, DH 48

    2003 NTNP BFNs
    2004-2009 (5w5d - 11w4d; cp - ep)
    2010-2011 Foster , IVF-ICSI-PGS, FET#1-eSET, DD

    2012 NTNP BFNs
    2013 FET#2-eSET, DS

    2014 NTNP BFNs
    2015 FET#3-SET (cp- mmc- ep!) long early pg loss (16w2d)

    Journey is complete.

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