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math programs?

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    Power hour programs of Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Texas is really a helpful one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisayvonne View Post
    We didn't use these rograms. For math, my daughter has been using beestar. It offers math worksheets from g1 to g8, full of all real life word problems, challenging stuff to help kids thinking. She loves and supports it. I think it is a well and easy-used program.
    Every website/workbook has its pro and cons. My favorite so far would be the same as lisayvonne. Beestar has been a great program for my kids. Lots of worksheets and they have GT section so I can make sure my students who aren't challenged enough have new things to learn. Reading is also another great portion for this website. In the end it depends if you are looking for supplemental websites or something to build a curriculum around. Shop around but I think Beestar definitely has become one of my top favorites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katiesmom View Post
    anyone have any math programs they really love? Ive been looking at this site called Marias math news and she is the creator of the mammoth math curriculum I think? I also was very interested in the Math u See program. My daughter is in 6th grade but her math skills are not great. One reason I truly felt she would benefit from homeschooling. I need to start with 3rd/4th grade review because this is where she never really grasped a concept before they moved on and on and on. So I need her to master the early skills first. Anyone have any experience with either of these programs?

    I'm Lucy, a writer at ( Brain Nutrition Supplements for Memory, Focus & Sleep ‎// Mind Your Zen ) I haven't used those math programs. I'm using KUMON. I don't know if you're familiar with that. But yeah, its pretty effective to the kids. Also, I'm training them in a montessori way. The experiential learning so they won't get bored, eager to learn more and having fun. I hope it helps.

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