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My plants are gonna die... help!!!

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    My plants are gonna die... help!!!

    I just had my friend plant some beautiful shrubs like Cassia that blooms yellow flowerrs and plumbago that blooms periwinkle lavender blue flowers along with some pentas and vinca and some lantana. I realized there is NO watering system to this bed!!!! How often should I water the newly planted shrubs and perennials?

    I have been using the hose and it's quite difficult with the baby hosing the house and the car and me and then hosing himself. Ok, that's not too bad but it does worry me with him hiding behind things and then trying to wander near the street!!!! It seem dangerous.

    So when can I water and how often? The sprinkler landscape lighting guy went back to Honduras with his wife to preach... his calling. His son went to war in Iraq. He won't be back to help us.

    You think with this drought and me watering the plants won't die?
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    Hand watering is actually a very water-efficient way to water. Kind of a pain for you though!

    I have a couple of suggestions that might work, depending on how your flower bed is laid out. You can buy those flat green hoses that have little holes poked all over the top side. You can run that in among your plants either hole side up or hole side down (works more like a soaker hose that way). The other option is to get an actual soaker hose. They are black and kind of porous. The water seeps out of them. Either method might be easier that hand watering.
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    Soaker hose was my first thought, too.
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